Fayette County TN Lawyer for Social Media and Children’s Mental Health

Our Tennessee law firm has announced a lawsuit against the social media giants, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. As a child social media lawyer in Fayette County, TN, I’ve seen the harm these apps have caused.

If you’re in Oakland, Somerville, or other parts of Fayette County and worry about social media and your child’s mental health, you aren’t alone. Here’s what we believe is happening and what you can do if you think you have a case.

Does Social Media Really Hurt Kids’ Mental Health?

Every day, more evidence emerges showing the negative impact of social media on our minds. It has addictive properties similar to drugs and leads to an increase in depression and anxiety for many adults.

And the effects on children, whose brains are still developing, are even more concerning:

Developers designed these apps to attract children and teens from a young age. Once they have the kids hooked, they frequently expose them to dangerous content. Kids and teens who use these platforms report higher levels of depression and lower self-esteem. Some have used the apps to access self-harm guides, including information about:

This has caused drastic changes in some children’s and teens’ personalities, leading to the loss of enjoyment in activities they once loved. In severe cases, parents have reported needing psychiatric treatment. And tragically, some children have actually lost their lives.

Are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Really Responsible?

Thanks to some very brave whistleblowers, we now have internal documents from some of the biggest social media companies in the world.

According to these records and other testimonies, executives from Facebook, Instagram, and others:

  • publicly discussed during meetings that children attributed their suicidal thoughts to Instagram
  • were aware of the harmful content on their apps that promoted eating disorders and self-harm
  • acknowledged the addictive nature of their platforms for minors.

However, despite the studies that they themselves funded, the platforms didn’t seem to take any steps to address these issues. Instead, they made plans to push their products to even younger children.

When called to testify before Congress, they portrayed their sites as ideal for children, highlighting the sense of community and connection that social media provides. They continue not to have answers for the families who have suffered unimaginable loss because of their products.

Isn’t This the Parents’ Responsibility?

There are several reasons parents might struggle to prevent social media addiction in children.

Social media platforms are widely accessible through smartphones and computers, making it difficult for parents to monitor and control their children’s usage. And children and teens are often more familiar with technology than their parents, so it’s easier for them to circumvent restrictions or parental controls.

In addition, children may feel pressure from their peers to use social media. And the pressure from their peers is often outmatched by their own physical addiction to the systems. In fact, some parents report serious tantrums and even violent outbursts when they attempt to take their children’s phones.

And finally, some parents may not even be aware of the addictive nature of social media or the negative effects it can have on children.

We believe the apps have made little to no effort to educate parents about these risks. What’s more, they push content that helps children and teens set up private accounts so their parents can’t monitor their activity.

darrell-castleGetting a Child Social Media Lawyer in Fayette County, TN

If you’re in Somerville, Oakland, or the surrounding areas and your child or teen has suffered because of their social media abuse, you need to speak with a child social media lawyer in Fayette County, TN.

Our attorneys are working with families whose children are 23 or younger and have been treated for any of the following related to their social media use:

  • eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia
  • self-harm
  • child abuse
  • suicidal ideation
  • suicide attempts

Your family is entitled to justice and deserves reimbursement for the harm these companies have caused to your children.

We approach each case on an individual basis, not as a mass lawsuit where you could be overlooked. We will collaborate with you directly and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Our priority is always our clients, as evidenced by our numerous awards for client satisfaction. And our compensation is tied to your success — we only succeed if you do.

We’d be happy to answer your questions, with no obligation on you. To get started, call us today at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below.

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