COVID19 Bankruptcy Lawyer Memphis, TN COVID19 Bankruptcy Lawyer Memphis, TN

A COVID19 bankruptcy lawyer Memphis, TN offers from Darrell Castle & Associates knows that this is likely a very hard time for you. You may have been struggling financially before this pandemic hit or you may have lost your job because of it. If you believe that bankruptcy is the answer, let us see how we can help. We are offering virtual consultations with our clients right now as our physical offices are currently closed. We know that there is uncertainty and financial instability that came along with COVID19, so we would like to represent you when it comes to your bankruptcy claim. To see how our Memphis, Tennessee COVID19 bankruptcy lawyer can be of help to you, give us a call now. 

How COVID19 Affected the Nation

Most people don’t expect that an illness can financially ruin a nation. However, because many people are avoiding going out into public or are not allowed to go out due to safety concerns, that means that a large portion of the nation has lost their jobs due to being laid off. When something like that happens, it means that the money they needed to pay off their bills is simply not there. Under normal circumstances, this might mean filing for bankruptcy. What does it mean now? Your trusted COVID19 bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis wants you to know that it is still possible to file bankruptcy even now. While the government is currently attempting to keep people afloat, it may not be enough.

I’m worried about being evicted. What can I do?

Many local and state governments are trying to help by placing a hold on evictions for people who have been impacted by COVID19. Logically, if more people are on the streets, more people are able to spread the virus. That said, just because you may not get evicted now does not mean your landlord won’t later. It is best to assume that whatever rent or mortgage you owe now will still be owed at a later date. This is why it may be best to file for bankruptcy as early as possible. 

Getting Help For Your Bankruptcy Plan

Our Memphis, TN COVID19 bankruptcy lawyer knows that even if the government is trying to help in different ways, it only delays the inevitable: filing for bankruptcy. For example, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will likely be the quickest route to go and, although you would need to give up some of your property, it may help you keep the property you need and help you avoid paying creditors when you do not have the finances. To see how our COVID19 bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee can help you, contact Darrell Castle & Associates now.