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For the last few years, parents around the country (and around the world) have reported disastrous impacts from social media on their children and teens. As a Desoto County child social media lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand how dangerous these cases can be.

If you’re located in Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Hernando, or any of the surrounding areas and you’ve seen social media take away your once-healthy child, you aren’t alone. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.

What Social Media Apps Like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Have Done to Kids

As more and more families are coming forward to speak out about the negative impact that social media has had on their children, the legal community has taken note.

At the center of our lawsuit is the claim that social media executives knew about the dangerous and addictive nature of their apps and did nothing to address these issues.

Despite being aware of the fact that their app was causing children and teens to experience severe depression, anxiety, self-harm, and even death, the company continued to promote the app as a safe and positive space for young people.

In reality, the companies drove children to horrifying and life-threatening content, including content that encouraged:

  • suicidal behavior and self-harm
  • eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
  • grooming and sexual abuse
  • and more.

In addition, they promoted content that helped children get around parental controls. They also allowed children to use the app who were far younger than their rules claim to allow. And they never warned parents about a thing.

The Social Media Companies Knew and Apparently Did Nothing

Social media whistleblowers have recently made public statements about the harm that social media platforms, including Facebook, are causing to children. Frances Haugen, who used to work at Facebook, released materials that showed executives at Facebook and Instagram were aware of the negative impact their platforms were having on children’s mental health and well-being.

Despite their knowledge, the companies appeared to make no effort to address the problem and instead continued to promote their sites as safe and beneficial for young users. In fact, they even began plans to expand to younger children.

The whistleblowers’ data revealed that executives spoke openly about children blaming Instagram for their suicidal thoughts. They apparently were aware the apps pushed content that encouraged eating disorders and self-harm. The executives also understood that the sites were deeply addictive for children and teens, but chose to ignore the issue.

When Congress questioned them about these issues, the executives portrayed their sites as positive environments for children and often struggled to answer questions about what they were doing to make their apps safer for kids.

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If your child has suffered harm due to their use of social media, it’s time to take action. Our Desoto County child social media lawyers are here to help families like yours get the justice and compensation they deserve.

The negative effects of social media on children and teens are well documented. Our lawyers are fighting to hold these companies accountable for knowingly creating products that harm children and teens.

If your child is 23 or younger and has undergone treatment because of their social media use, you may have a case against these companies. This includes problems like:

  • eating disorders
  • suicidal behavior or self-harm
  • grooming and assault

We understand the personal nature of these cases, which is why we approach each case on an individual basis. You won’t be just another number in a mass lawsuit – we’ll work with you directly, protect your child, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our priority is always our clients, and we have a proven track record of client satisfaction. We won’t even get paid unless you do, so you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the outcome you deserve.

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