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The concept of insurance is simple: Pay a premium with the understanding that if something goes wrong, the insurance company will reimburse you for your costs, per the terms of your policy agreement. But while the concept of insurance may be straightforward, the ins and outs of the insurance industry, insurance policies, and securing the benefits that policyholders are entitled to can be incredibly complex. Take, for example, disability insurance. Disability insurance can be purchased privately or benefits can be obtained publicly through the Social Security Administration. Obviously, purchasing private disability insurance is generally easier than obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits is. But “hiccups” in applying for and/or obtaining benefits you’re entitled to can occur with either system. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate these challenges alone. If you’re struggling with SSD or SSDI benefits (applying, appealing, payouts, etc.) you can speak with a Memphis, TN Social Security lawyer with Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC. Our Memphis long term disability lawyer team can also assist you if you’re struggling with any part of the private disability insurance process as well.

Understanding Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

In general, long term and short term disability insurance coverage (public or private) helps to ensure that workers who have been injured or made ill are able to keep financially “afloat” while they recover. Short term disability insurance terms vary, but these policies generally assume that a worker will be able to return to their job within a relatively brief period of time. By contrast, long term disability insurance terms tend to operate on the assumption that a worker will be unable to return to full time work for a relatively significant period of time – often defined as a year or more.

Applying for disability insurance can be a challenging process, especially for individuals seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits after an injury or illness has affected their lives, as opposed to purchasing disability insurance proactively so that a worker is covered in the event that an injury or illness should affect them at some point in the future. When applying for SSD benefits, an applicant is required to provide proof of disability. The application process is notoriously difficult to navigate; so much so that the majority of first-time applicants are rejected. Thankfully, seeking the assistance of a Memphis long term disability lawyer can help to reduce the likelihood that an applicant’s first petition will be rejected. Similarly, working with a Memphis long term disability lawyer can help to ensure that an appeal of a rejected application is successful and/or that benefit payments are made properly, on-time, and in-full. An experienced attorney can similarly help with challenges experienced in the private disability insurance system.

Social security disability benefits are provided to adults who are unable to work because of an injury or illness, as well as disabled children. These benefits are not solely based upon how much someone has worked, but rather upon an applicant’s ability to meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled”. This process is complicated and requires applicants to complete a number of very detailed forms. The submission of medical records, employment records, and more is also required. Although an applicant does not have to retain a Memphis, Tennessee long term disability lawyer, it is recommended. 

For years, the long term disability lawyers at Darrell Castle & Associates have been helping people receive social security disability payments in a timely manner. We know how difficult this system can be and suggest that you retain a lawyer if you believe you need SSD payments. The following are some reasons why:

  1. There is a good chance your first application will be denied. The Social Security Administration has stated that up to 60% of first time applicants will be denied SSD benefits. Around 26% of these applicants were awarded benefits afterwards, and 3% were reconsidered and approved. Another 13% obtained benefits after an appeals hearing. A long-term disability lawyer in Memphis TN may help to get you the benefits you need from the very beginning. 
  2. You could be denied because of a technicality. According to the SSA, you generally need so many work credits; of which 20 should have been earned within the last 10 years. However, the amount of credits needed may depend on the applicant’s age. Other technical-related denials may have nothing to do with the applicant’s condition, but rather something else. 
  3. A Memphis, TN long term disability lawyer knows the SSD system. Darrell Castle & Associates has qualified social security lawyers who handle SSD applications and appeals every day. We know what needs to be done to ensure your case is presented in the best way possible.
  4. A Social Security lawyer is effective. The SSA said in 2012 that enlisting the help of a third party, such as a social security lawyer, could potentially expedite the process and ensure the applicant receives the most informed consideration. By law, anyone can help an applicant, but an ideal third party should have an in-depth understanding of the SSA’s policies, be ready to document the applicant’s conditions, and establish communication with all parties involved. 
  5. You are protected. When you retain a Memphis, TN long term disability lawyer, your rights will be protected. Furthermore, you can feel peace of mind in knowing the legal ethical standards, including confidentiality, will be implemented. 
  6. You likely can afford a social security lawyer Memphis TN families trust. No matter which long term disability lawyer you choose, if you are trying to receive benefits, the lawyers’ fees may be regulated by the SSA. This means that he or she must file a fee petition with the SSA. When this happens, the SSA may approve payments for a maximum of 25% of past-due benefits or $6000, whichever amount is less. A representative may also charge for other expenses which are on a case by case basis.  

Learn More About What an SSD Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Do For You

If you’re unsure about whether or not you qualify to receive SSD benefits, call a long term disability lawyer Memphis, TN clients recommend from Darrell Castle & Associates.

Legal Guidance Is Available

Whether you’re hoping to secure disability coverage proactively or you’re hoping to secure disability coverage now that you’ve been injured or made ill, our experienced legal team can help. No matter what stage of the process you’re at, we can help you evaluate your options and guide you through the maze of securing benefits. Please schedule a no-risk, no-obligation consultation with Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC today. We look forward to speaking with you.