Medical Malpractice Lawyer Memphis TN

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Memphis TNNo one wants to have to find a medical malpractice lawyer in Memphis TN. If you have found yourself in a place where you need to, then there are likely severe injuries that happened. Medical malpractice happens when a negligent act occurs and when the standard of practice is deviated from resulting in injury. It is important to note that just because you don’t like the treatment or the treatment didn’t work doesn’t mean malpractice occurred.

All medical professionals of any type have to meet the standard of practice for their area of medicine. Failure to do this can result in a long list of injuries that can be costly to fix or irreversible.

Child Birth Injuries

There are many events that can lead to childbirth injuries or even death. While many doctors are great about treating childbirth injuries before they become permanent or an issue, there are some that simply look the other way. This can lead to a lifelong disability or even death. Here are some of the improper treatments at or following the birth of a child:

-Failure to assess health conditions during pregnancy
-Failure to provide appropriate treatment during pregnancy or at birth
-Failure to respond to symptoms of fetal distress
-Neglecting to respond properly to complications during the birthing process
-Not performing a cesarean section because of fetal distress or other conditions
-Delaying or denying treatment
-Failing to order appropriate oxygen and respiratory treatment after birth
-Neglecting to properly treat trauma suffered during the labor process.

The list goes on when it comes to injuries suffered at birth. When these things happen, it can not only hurt the mother but also the baby. These can be costly to fix and there are times they can’t be fixed.

Cerebral Palsy

There is a huge financial and emotional cost that comes with having a child with lifelong disabilities or injuries that happened during birth. For a mother, it can be hard to not blame herself for the injury that took place. When you add on that often the child will need more medical care, have special education needs, have the need for home modifications, have a need for adaptive equipment, and in some cases the need for institutional care. All these add up and it can be costly.

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder caused by brain damage that occurred at or before birth. Most often this is due to medical malpractice because only 2% of cases are genetic. This disorder is an abnormality of motor functions and muscle tone arising from brain damage. The severity can vary from person to person meaning not all cases are the same.

This disorder affects up to three in every one thousand children but has a higher rate in problematic births with low weight and premature infants. This gets higher when you have a person of color giving birth. While there have been vast improvements in delivery and care there is plenty to do in order to eradicate this disorder.

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