Rear End Accident Lawyer In Memphis, TN Rear-End Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end accident, it’s time to speak with a rear-end accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust and to do so as soon as possible. Whether your accident was catastrophic or serious, relatively minor or a fender-bender, if you’ve suffered injuries as a result of your accident, please connect with the experienced Tennessee legal team at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC today. You have nothing to lose but possibly much to gain by attending a free consultation and obtaining a case evaluation through our firm. Even if you’d prefer to work with insurance companies directly instead of filing formal legal action, obtaining the full amount of rightful compensation to which you’re entitled will likely depend on having an experienced car accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents depend on advocating on behalf of your interests.

Steps to Take Now and Later

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the most important thing you can do involves attending to your own medical needs. If you haven’t yet sought medical treatment, please go get checked out now. Rear-end accidents often result in concussions, internal bleeding, and soft-tissue injuries like whiplash. Each of these conditions may not manifest in painful symptoms for hours or even days after your accident. Seeking medical attention now is critical for your wellbeing and ultimately for your legal case as well.

As soon as you can after seeking medical attention, filing a police report, and scheduling a consultation with our firm, please take a few minutes to write down your memories of your collision. Write down (or record) everything you can think of about the seconds before the crash occurred, the collision itself, and its immediate aftermath. Your memories will inevitably fade over time and it can help both you and our legal team to have this record of your recollections to refer to.

Until your case is resolved, be careful with what you say about your accident to others and what you post about your accident on social media. Insurance claims adjusters and (if applicable) the lawyers representing other parties in the accident will use any excuse they can find to undervalue your claim and/or shift blame for the accident onto you. Right now, everything you say might impact your case, so speak and type and post with great care.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Please avoid making any assumptions about the possible strengths and weaknesses of your case until you’ve had the opportunity to meet with our firm. When it comes to car accidents, things aren’t always as they seem. Don’t, for example, assume that you were at-fault for your crash simply because your vehicle was in the “follow” position and you were required to keep sufficient distance between your vehicle and the “lead” vehicle to stop safely. Our firm’s experienced Memphis, TN car accident lawyer will take the time to learn about your case so that you can make informed decisions about how you’d like to proceed.