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A scooter accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC has seen the way that victims of electric scooter accidents can sustain very serious, complex, and long-term injuries. While riding an electric scooter can surely seem like a fun way to get around, for many, the end results are tragic. In fact, some of those who ride electric scooters may fall and never get back up again.

If you are considering riding an electric scooter when traveling or just to get around in your hometown, a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust strongly advises against it. 

Views on Electric Scooters

As your Tennessee scooter accident lawyer may explain during a consultation, since electric scooter rental services started to appear very recently within the last few years, there are minimal laws and regulations enforcing how companies must operate, and what rules of the road their renters must abide by. Some communities have welcomed the use of electric scooter rentals, and others have taken action to prevent them from surfacing altogether.

Unfortunately, not all scooter rental companies have respected the wishes of the communities who do not want them, and scooter rental stations may pop up anyway out of desire for profit no matter the consequences to their riders. A Memphis scooter accident lawyer knows that some cities have had to fight for a ban on these electric scooters, as the city prefers to keep their residents safe and does not want to be held liable in the event of a devastating accident. 

Dangers of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters do provide benefits such as being environmentally friendly, a faster form of transportation, and helps to reduce traffic. However, the dangers vastly outweigh the pros. A scooter accident lawyer in TN from Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC has met with many electric scooter accident victims and has observed the four biggest ways that electric scooters are a hazard for renters: 

  • Sidewalk riding: In some locations, riding an electric scooter on a sidewalk is not specifically disallowed. Riding on a sidewalk presents a number of threats, including poles, trash and debris, benches, trash cans, fire hydrants, pedestrians, etc. 
  • Car accidents: Depending on the area, users may be encouraged to not ride on the sidewalk, and to use the roads instead. Because of the effort to reduce the chances of pedestrian and scooter collisions, renters then face a new and potentially fatal danger: car accidents. 
  • Abandoned scooters: Electric scooters can be left at any location once it is done being used. Scooters may be left in walkways and roads, and since not every renter will use the kickstand, this means that the bike may lay flat and are easy to miss for others. 
  • Speed: Most electric scooters can go up to 15MPH, which is enough of a speed to cause significant injury in the event of a collision with an object, person, or vehicle.

If you or someone you love was a victim in an electric scooter accident, now is the time to speak with a scooter accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC for a free consultation about how we can help you seek compensation for injuries, damage, and other losses.