Zostavax Injury Lawyer Memphis TN Zostavax Injury Lawyer Memphis TN

If you or your child was harmed by the Zostavax vaccine and you reside in the Memphis, Tennessee area, talk to a Zostavax injury lawyer from Darrell Castle & Associates about filing a claim. Without experienced legal counsel, you are at great risk of being taken advantage of by corporate giant Merck, the vaccines’ developer. Severe complications and side effects are associated with the Zostavax vaccine. Many plaintiffs have already hired a Zostavax injury lawyer in Memphis TN and filed a claim or joined a class action lawsuit against Merck. Without taking legal action, you will not be eligible to recover the damages you have sustained as a result of this vaccine.

What Is Zostavax?

Zostavax is a shingles vaccine developed by Merck. It is a vaccine that was developed specifically for persons aged 50 or older. However, medical experts have come forward to express doubts about the vaccine, which they claim works properly in only about half of the patients who receive the injection. Even when the vaccine works correctly, it may only be effective for six years or less. Additionally, if the patient has a compromised immune system, they may be at greater risk for developing shingles after getting vaccinated.

What are my legal options if Zostavax injured me or a family member?

Zostavax injury claims are on the rise as an increasing number of consumers experience serious side effects caused by the vaccine, and a Zostavax injury lawyer from Darrell Castle & Associates can help you and your family get justice. After a free case review with our Zostavax lawyer in Memphis TN, you will learn if you are eligible to file an individual personal injury claim or can join in a class action lawsuit against Merck.

Is there an existing class action lawsuit against Merck regarding Zostavax?

Yes, there is a class-action lawsuit pending against Merck which focuses on the harm caused by patients inoculated with Zostavax. The class action lawsuit contends that the pharmaceutical manufacturer knew that their Zostavax vaccine can cause shingles but did not alert consumers about the risk until 2014. This was several years after the Federal Drug Administration initially approved the vaccine for consumer use. In fact, Zostavax can cause even more serious injuries than shingles. Our Zostavax injury lawyer in Memphis TN is aware of cases in which patients have suffered a loss of hearing, vision loss, liver complications, autoimmune disorders, and brain damage after receiving a Zostavax vaccination.

A Zostavax Injury Lawyer Who Memphis TN Residents Can Count On

Around 20 million Americans have already been vaccinated with Zostavax. Thankfully, not everyone who was vaccinated has suffered ill effects as a result. If you or a family member was one of the unlucky ones, you may be eligible for filing a claim or lawsuit which could result in you receiving a settlement. Contact Darrell Castle & Associates to request a free and confidential consultation with a Zostavax injury lawyer Memphis TN clients recommend to learn if you are eligible for taking legal action against Merck.