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What are the Five Essential Elements for a Case of Negligence

Car Accident Lawyer Your car accident attorney Indianapolis, IN trusts must prove each of the following five elements of negligence in order to recover compensation for your injuries: Read More

Airbag Recall: Takata Shows Gross Negligence

By: Darrell Castle For much of this past decade, Takata — one of the largest suppliers of vehicle airbags — denied its product was defective. Read More

How Do You Prove Negligence If You Were Injured in a Car Accident?

Contact a car accident attorney By: Darrell Castle So, you were injured in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, or you aren’t really sure whose fault it was. What are you supposed to do now? Read More

How Do You Prove Negligence in a Car Accident? | Personal Injury Attorneys in Memphis

By: Darrell Castle Sometimes negligence is obvious and sometimes you have to prove it If you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, call (901) 327-1212 today for a FREE case evaluation with an experienced attorney. Or you can fill out one of the contact forms on this page. Read More

Negligence of Dog Walker Leads to Dog Attack

A Santa Monica dog walker was charged with child endangerment after the dog she was monitoring attacked and bit a four year old girl in the leg. The dog was a Staffordshire terrier. The dog walker was Rebecca McGroerty. Read More

What Can a Victim of Hospital Negligence Do?

By: Darrell Castle Hospital negligence is really just a form of medical malpractice. People normally associate “medical malpractice” with a doctor’s negligence. But a hospital, nurse or staff member can be negligent as well. Read More

How Long will my Personal Injury Case Take?

Car Accident Lawyer Suffering an injury from someone else’s negligence can completely derail your life. Not only are you now faced with an injury that you’re trying to heal, but you are likely also dealing with: Read More

The Most Common Playground Injuries

Fall is in the air and another school year is underway. For most children, one of the biggest thrills of school doesn’t happen inside the classroom. I’m talking about recess. Read More

When a Loved One Perishes Due to Wrongful Death

Nursing Home Lawyer If your loved one has passed away and their perishing may have been influenced by another person or party, you may have the foundation for a wrongful death lawsuit. Unexpected incidents which led to the death of a loved one can be very painful for the surviving family to overcome. Many family…

How to Know If Your Doctor Has Been Sued

In the United States, around 17,000 patients file a medical malpractice lawsuit every year. About 75% of medical providers in low-risk areas of healthcare have been the target of medical malpractice litigation. About 99% of medical providers in high-risk areas have been sued by former patients. A medical malpractice attorney Phoenix, AZ trusts can help…