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What is Personal Injury?

By: Darrell Castle Personal injury, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “an injury affecting one’s physical and mental person as contrasted with one causing damages to one’s property.” Read More

What is the Statute of Limitations? | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle Tennessee has the shortest statute of limitations If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, or you aren’t sure whose fault it was, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Call (901) 327-1212 today to schedule your FREE case evaluation, or fill out one of the contact forms on this page.…

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation (also known as workers’ comp) is a type of insurance available to employees of a company when they are injured on the job. It may include wage replacement and medical care for expenses stemming from the injury. It can also sometimes function as life insurance when a worker dies because of a job-related…

What Should You Do If You Were Misdiagnosed? | Memphis Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Misdiagnosis happens far too often By: Darrell Castle If misdiagnosis isn’t the number one cause of medical malpractice, then it’s definitely up there near the top. Read More

What to Do If Your Kid’s Been Injured by a Toy Product | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

Kids, toys & product liability By: Darrell Castle Now that you’ve watched the video, let me ask you why you watched it? Was it just a random viewing? Or has your kid been hurt by a dangerous toy product? If so, or if you have any questions or concerns, pick up the phone and give…

What To Do When a Dog Attacks | Memphis Dog Attack Lawyer

When Dogs Attack By: Darrell Castle Here in Memphis, a big city with a lot of residential areas, dogs get loose fairly often and are roaming the streets. Sometimes, these dogs are harmless to you because they’ve been trained relatively well. However, some dog owners are completely negligent and their dog is either trained to…

What To Do When You’re Hit and Injured Riding Your Bicycle | Personal Injury Attorneys in Memphis

By: Darrell Castle So that car came out of no where and smashed into you while you were riding your bicycle? That unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. Read More

When Dog Sitting Goes Wrong | Memphis Personal Injury Attorney

A two year old and her mother were sent to the hospital in Texas this week after being attacked by a pit bull in their apartment. The mother was dog sitting the pit bull for her boyfriend. All of the sudden, the dog began to attack. It bit the mother as she tried to get…

When Fraternity Hazing Goes Wrong | Memphis Personal Injury

A fraternity hazing victim at Francis Marion University was awarded $1.6 million after suffering kidney damage from a brutal paddling during the fraternity’s “Hell Night” initiation. Read More

When Medical Errors Occur | Memphis Medical Malpractice Attorney

What to do when Medical Errors occur By: Darrell Castle  We’re all humans, therefore we all make mistakes. However, some mistakes are much more costly, especially when it comes to medical professionals botching a procedure. Read More