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Wrong Medication Medical Malpractice

When a doctor prescribes us a medication, we take them at their word that it will not cause us further harm. However, the reality is that doctors make mistakes all the time. It is far too often that a medication will be improperly prescribed, and this can lead to disaster. If you have been harmed…

Five Common Challenges When Pursuing a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit

Five Common Challenges When Pursuing a Car Accident Injury Lawsuit The fact that you were injured in a car accident that was the fault of somebody else isn’t necessarily enough to receive compensation. A car accident lawyer may be required to prove your case, and the insurer of the party who caused the accident will be…

Abused in an Assisted Living Home: Do I have a Claim? | Darrell Castle & Associates

Assisted living facilities provide a great option for elderly people who want to maintain their independence but can’t do certain tasks on their own anymore, such cooking or driving. Residents of assisted living facilities can enjoy many different activities, socialize with others and receive assistance whenever they need it. Read More

Preventing Bike Accidents in the Suburbs

Many cities have taken measures in recent years to improve bike safety. Chicago recently added some high-traffic trails to reduce risk to bicyclists and there are now vending stations to rent bikes throughout Chicago. Unfortunately, many suburban areas have not made bike safety a priority. Some of these areas have been designed to favor pedestrians…

4 Items Every Motorcyclist Should Carry in Case of an Accident

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it is on a highway or a country road, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident and sustaining injuries. It is essential that motorcycle riders are prepared for the worst whenever they commute and carry a few important items that may come in handy…

Elderly Abuse: It Could Happen to Your Loved One

Studies have shown somewhere between one and two million cases of abuse happen to Americans age 65 and over every single year here in America. Let’s talk about it a little bit. Read More

Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

While some may consider slips and falls slapstick humor, they can be very dangerous and have serious consequences to those who suffer them. Back and joint related injuries are common consequences of slips and falls that can have lasting effects on the injured person. Read More

How Does Medical Malpractice Compensation Work?

When someone wins a medical malpractice case, whether through a settlement or at trial, they are awarded a certain monetary amount. The doctor or hospital’s insurance company then makes the payment to the person’s attorney, who receives a percentage before paying out the bulk of the award to their client. Read More

How to Keep Your Children Safe On Halloween

Staying Safe on Halloween For most children, Halloween is one of their favorite times of the year. They get to dress up as superheroes, grab their pillow cases and walk around the neighborhood to gather more sugary sweets than they could have ever imagined (since last year on Halloween). But what can you do to protect…

Areas of Practice

Ever wonder exactly what we do at Darrell Castle & Associates? We practice bankruptcy and personal injury law. But what does that entail? We’ve outlined some of our practice areas below in layman’s terms. If you have any additional questions about our work, you can always contact us. Read More