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Avoid Fireworks Injuries This Fourth of July | Personal Injury Attorneys in Memphis

Avoiding Fireworks Injury This 4th of July A good time with friends and family can turn sour with one fireworks mishap. Shooting off these contraptions and experiencing the beautiful lights can be wonderful entertainment. However, with a certain degree of negligence, these fireworks can become very dangerous. Read More

Babies & OB/GYN Medical Malpractice | Memphis Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Did you know OB/GYN is the one of the most sued medical specialties? By: Darrell Castle OB/GYN, or obstretics and gynecology, specialists are one of the most, if not the most, sued medical specialists. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to get doctors to go into that area. Read More

Bed Bugs in a Memphis Motel Bite a Little Girl

Bedbugs in a Memphis Hotel By: Darrell Castle  A little girl was bitten by bed bugs in the Motel 6 on Austin Peay highway in Memphis, causing her to itch all over the next day. When the girl returned home from school that following afternoon, she was covered in a bad rash. Read More

Big Truck Accidents | What To Do If You’re Injured in One

We’ve been touching on big truck accidents frequently lately, and for good reason. When you combine the weight of the actual truck, plus the weight of the load the truck is carrying and then you add the high-speeds the truck is traveling, big trucks (aka semis or tractor trailers) can be a vehicle of death…

Briarcrest Students Killed by an Alleged Drunk Driver Outside of Memphis

By: Darrell Castle This past Sunday around 6:30 am, an alleged drunk driver smashed into a car outside of Memphis on Highway 78. Two Briarcrest students — both 17 year old girls — were killed in the accident. Read More

Can Concussions Qualify You for a Medical Malpractice Case?

Concussions and Medical Malpractice Sports Changed Everything Many people don’t realize there’s a connection between concussions and medical malpractice, but recent sports news says there may be. Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice | Memphis Medical Malpractice Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle Medical malpractice is scary and it can happen to anyone. We expect doctors to be perfect and not mess up, but that’s not human. Just as you make mistakes at work, doctors can too. Read More

A Baby Was Hurt in a Fireworks Accident | Personal Injury Attorneys in Memphis

What can happen when you don’t practice proper fireworks safety By: Darrell Castle Last Thursday, I wrote a blog post on fireworks safety leading up to Friday’s July 4th celebrations. In the post, I mentioned how dangerous fireworks can become when operated with a certain degree of negligence. A family in Ohio caught the wrath…

Accidents Involving Big Trucks

<iframe width=”700″ height=”394″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Video Transcript Hello, this is Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and on this video today, I’m talking about accidents involving large trucks – trucks that you might call semis or tractor trailers – that type of truck. Read More

Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice? What Should You Do?

Finding out you’re disabled because of some medical issue or freak accident is a scary thing. What’s even scarier is finding out it could have been avoided if your doctor would have treated you differently. Read More