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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Seniors

How Debt Affects Seniors Differently, and What You Can Do As of 2010, Americans 55-64 carry the highest debt in America. That debt can carry over into retirement and make life much worse for them as senior citizens. But at the same time, fewer Americans now expect to die in debt. In some cases, they…

When Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Isn’t a Fair Trade

At its best, workers’ comp is a trade-off: When you make a workers’ compensation claim,  you give up the right to sue your employer for an on-the-job injury. In return, the employer’s workers’ comp covers your medical care, time off work, and compensation for long-term injuries. Read More

When Companies Refuse to Give Their Car Accident Information

What Google, Uber, and Other Companies Don’t Want to Tell You About Car Accidents Google recently rebranded Waymo, their driverless car company, and placed self-driving cars in the spotlight even more than before. But at the same time, the company also removed its monthly reports from the website. These reports detailed all of their car…

Prevent Foreclosure in Memphis? 2016 Data Says Absolutely

2016 Shows Overall Decline in Foreclosures If you’re trying to prevent foreclosure in Memphis right now, you may be relieved to know 2016 saw the biggest drop in foreclosures on record. Read More

Who Can Garnish Your Wages?

When you’re behind on bill payments, the law allows certain creditors to garnish your wages (meaning take money from your paycheck automatically). Usually this process starts with a creditor suing you for the debt in court and then getting a court order. In some specific cases, the creditor doesn’t need a court order at all. But…

Midtown Memphis

Bankruptcy Help for Midtown Memphis

Midtown Memphis Attorneys for Debt Problems If you need to get out of debt, our Midtown bankruptcy lawyers can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of Midtown residents, and just as we helped them, we can help you: Read More

Ice and Slip and Fall Accidents

3 Factors in Any Ice-Related Slip and Fall Case If ice causes causes you to slip and fall on someone else property, the property owner might be liable for your injuries. Usually this means their insurance would be expected to cover the medical expenses and other related costs. Here are three important factors that might play into a case like…

Tips For Driving In The Snow

Drivers must take extra precautions when driving in winter weather conditions. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, 17 percent of all weather-related accidents occur on snowy or icy roads. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you are driving in snowy conditions. If you or someone you love…

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Now Is the Time to Get Out of Debt

Get Out of Debt in 2017 Every New Year, thousands of Americans join a gym and resolve to work off those extra pounds they gained over the holidays. But what about your debt? After Christmas is over, you’ve usually taken on more than just weight. You’ve taken on credit card debt, and now there are…

When Student Loans Are Too Much

It’s no secret that many people these days have student loans–financial aid they took on to pursue their collegiate and post-collegiate educations. Unfortunately, student loan interest rates can be much greater than that of mortgages or car loans. On top of that, the average price of today’s college education averages $32,405 for private colleges, $9,410…