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When Should Airbags Deploy? – Memphis Personal Injury Lawyers

Hurt in a car accident and your airbag failed to deploy? As car accident attorneys in Memphis, one of the most common complaints we hear is about airbags not deploying. It makes sense: when you have a frontal collision, you expect the airbag to deploy correctly and prevent whiplash or other injury. Read More

When Police Are Unjustified | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

Police officer brutality can do serious damage By: Darrell Castle I have high respect for police officers and what they do. However, as with any line of profession, there are good cops and there are bad cops. Read More

When Medical Errors Occur | Memphis Medical Malpractice Attorney

What to do when Medical Errors occur By: Darrell Castle  We’re all humans, therefore we all make mistakes. However, some mistakes are much more costly, especially when it comes to medical professionals botching a procedure. Read More

When Labor Day Isn’t Enough

Labor Day was created to pay honor to our nation’s workers and the contributions they make every day. But not all of us get a day off on Labor Day.  Read More

When Is a Person Considered Disabled By Social Security Disability Insurance Standards?

A person must be medically-unable to work to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance By: Darrell Castle Disability, under Social Security Administration rules, means you are UNABLE to work because of your medical condition. Social Security Disability is NOT an employment compensation plan. It’s not a plan that will compensate you if you’ve lost your…

When Hospitals Hide Medical Malpractice

One of the worst things about medical malpractice is you don’t always know if it’s happened until it’s too late. And that’s how the big medical institutions want to keep it. Read More

When Fraternity Hazing Goes Wrong | Memphis Personal Injury

A fraternity hazing victim at Francis Marion University was awarded $1.6 million after suffering kidney damage from a brutal paddling during the fraternity’s “Hell Night” initiation. Read More

When Dog Sitting Goes Wrong | Memphis Personal Injury Attorney

A two year old and her mother were sent to the hospital in Texas this week after being attacked by a pit bull in their apartment. The mother was dog sitting the pit bull for her boyfriend. All of the sudden, the dog began to attack. It bit the mother as she tried to get…

When Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Do you need a car accident lawyer? What if your accident didn’t cause any injuries? In this video, Memphis car accident attorney Darrell Castle discusses when you need a car accident lawyer to help you with your case, and when you don’t. Read More

When Coworkers Attack: How to Get Compensation

Recently a report came out about a Memphis man who attacked a coworker by biting off his ear. The assailant was arrested. But the victim still has medical bills to pay and permanent disfigurement to deal with. Read More