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When Your Kids Cause Your Debt

Earlier this week we discussed the rise of foreclosures among people 50 and older, including a significant increase for people 75+. We cited some of the most common reasons, including the loss of savings, unemployment/underemployment, and falling property values. But as bankruptcy attorneys in Memphis, we see another major reason why older residents face foreclosure:…

When To Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer and Why

By: Darrell Castle Timing is very important. You know that. I know that. And it’s even more important when you’re struggling financially. Read More

When Unpaid Debts Can Kill

Every summer, Memphis residents in financial trouble run the risk of heat-related illness and even death. As temperatures rise, so does the energy required to cool a home, and the power costs can be crippling for people already in debt. Read More

When Should You File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief? | Memphis Bankruptcy Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle The time to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy really varies from person to person If you’re struggling financially and want to talk to someone experienced about your options, then our FREE consultation is perfect for you. Call (901) 327-2100 to schedule your appointment, or fill out one of the contact forms on this…

When Should You File a Nursing Home Abuse Case? | Memphis Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle You should file a nursing home abuse case as soon as possible, especially in Tennessee. If your elderly loved one is being abused or neglected, we want to help you. This is something that WILL NOT be tolerated. Call (901) 327-1212 to schedule a FREE case evaluation, or fill out one of…

When Should You Contact An Attorney If You’re Injured in a Car Accident?

By: Darrell Castle If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Some may say you should wait until all medical treatment is complete, but that’s not true. Read More

When Should You Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance? | Memphis SSDI Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you must be MEDICALLY unable to work. So therefore, you should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) when you’re medically unable to work. Read More

When Should I Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been in a car accident, do you need a lawyer? How do you know when or if you should you contact an attorney about the crash? In this video, Memphis car accident lawyer Darrell Castle discusses the importance of calling a lawyer soon after an accident if you were injured. Read More

When Should Airbags Deploy? – Memphis Personal Injury Lawyers

Hurt in a car accident and your airbag failed to deploy? As car accident attorneys in Memphis, one of the most common complaints we hear is about airbags not deploying. It makes sense: when you have a frontal collision, you expect the airbag to deploy correctly and prevent whiplash or other injury. Read More

When Police Are Unjustified | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

Police officer brutality can do serious damage By: Darrell Castle I have high respect for police officers and what they do. However, as with any line of profession, there are good cops and there are bad cops. Read More