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Why and How to Avoid Wage Garnishments | Memphis Bankruptcy Attorneys

You don’t want a wage garnishment to happen to you One in 10 working Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 are getting their wages garnished, according to NPR. Read More

Why an Informative Bankruptcy Law Firm Is Important

By: Darrell Castle If you’re struggling with debt you can’t pay, you may have a lot of questions. You may be searching for answers on what you can do. What are your best options? Should you consider bankruptcy? What will it do for you? What will it do TO you? Read More

Why a Responsive Bankruptcy Attorney is Important

By: Darrell Castle I’ve created a free report on things you should know before hiring a bankruptcy attorney. You can download this here from my website, free of charge. Read More

Why a Bankruptcy Attorney is Important

By: Darrell Castle A bankruptcy attorney is someone you need to connect with if you’re struggling with debt. Are you about to lose your home? Your car? Are your wages being garnished? Are you just TIRED of being in debt? Read More

Who’s Responsible For Your Dog Bite Injuries? | Memphis Dog Attack Attorneys

By: Darrell Castle A dog’s owner is always responsible for injuries suffered by that dog. Dog owners have the responsibility of keeping their dogs on a leash and preventing them from harming others. That means, if the dog has a history of aggression, then a good dog owner will keep that dog away from people…

Who’s Responsible for an Uber Car Accident?

In recent years, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have taken off as an alternative to taxi services that can be cheaper, easier on the consumer, and more reliable. Read More

Who’s Responsible for a Commercial Car Accident?

  Car Accident FAQ: I was in a car accident in Memphis caused by a commercial vehicle. Is the other driver responsible, or is it the company that employs him and owns the truck that hit me? Read More

Who’s Going to Pay Your Medical Bills if You’re Injured in a Car Accident? | Memphis Personal Injury

By: Darrell Castle Who pays your medical bills for your car accident injury really depends on who was at fault If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be held responsible for paying those medical bills! And that’s why you need to contact an experienced car accident attorney. Read More

Who Will Know if I Sue Someone Over an Accident?

As a car accident lawyer in Memphis, I know some people are concerned about who will find out if they sue over a car accident. If you’re injured in a car accident and you file a claim, could it come back to hurt you? Read More

Who Pays for Personal Injury in a Dog Attack?

By: Darrell Castle In a dog attack, the dog’s owner is responsible and should pay for your medical bills, etc. Video Transcript If you’re attacked by a dog, who pays for your damages? Who pays for your medical bills, lost wages and things like that? Read More