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Am I Obligated to Provide a Statement to the Other Party’s Insurance Adjuster? | Car Accident Law

Never make a recorded statement without an attorney By: Darrell Castle Though you’ll have to provide a statement to the other party’s insurance adjuster eventually, you’re not obligated to give one without a lawyer, and you should NEVER do so. Read More

Airbag Recall: Takata Shows Gross Negligence

By: Darrell Castle For much of this past decade, Takata — one of the largest suppliers of vehicle airbags — denied its product was defective. Read More

Airbag Deployment Can Cause Cardiac Injuries In Car Accidents

Your airbag deployed in a car accident.  Whew!  You’re safe. Or are you? According to a Medscape report, a new review warns cardiologist and other health professionals that hidden injures can result from airbag deployment in automobiles. Read More

Advice to New Law School Graduates – by Memphis Bankruptcy & Personal Injury Attorney Darrell Castle

About the author: Darrell Castle graduated from Memphis State University Law School (now Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law) in 1979. He is the founder of the law firm Darrell Castle & Associates PLLC in Memphis, TN. He practices bankruptcy and personal injury law in the Memphis area. Read More

Advice for College Graduates | Bankruptcy Attorneys in Memphis

Some advice for college graduates, and really everyone, as far as finances and work By: Darrell Castle  Graduating college tends to hit different people in different ways. Some people are overjoyed because they’re finally done with school (unless they plan on seeking even higher education). Others are sad because now they have to start back…

Actos Is Linked To Bladder Cancer – Is $2.2 Billion Enough to Settle?

By: Darrell Castle When a diabetes medication causes an innocent person bladder cancer, how much compensation is enough? For the 8,000 individual lawsuits, Takeda Pharmaceutical has offered a total of $2.2 billion in compensation to resolve claims of “hiding its Actos diabetes medicine’s cancer risk.” Read More

Actos May Be Linked to Bladder Cancer – FDA Resources

As you may have read from our previous post, the popular diabetes medication Actos has been linked to a possible increased risk of bladder cancer. Read More

Actos Loses More Friends | Memphis Dangerous Drug Attorneys

Insurance company has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Actos By: Darrell Castle It’s bad for everyone involved when an insurance company sues a drug manufacturer, yet that’s what’s happening as Blue Cross has sued Takeda, the manufacturer of Actos. Read More

Actos Diabetes Medication Linked to Bladder Cancer

Actos is a popular diabetes medication that’s been linked to bladder cancer. The FDA has published warning about it, saying that the drug especially increases bladder cancer risks for people who’ve taken it over a year. Bladder cancer survival rates differ according to when it is found and diagnosed. Treatment may include surgery or chemotherapy.…

Actos Causes Bladder Cancer for Type 2 Diabetics… What Can You Do?

Have you taken Actos for your Type 2 Diabetes and been diagnosed for bladder cancer? Then you’re probably entitled to compensation and need to see an experienced attorney immediately. Read More