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Can I Get Workers’ Comp If the Injury Was My Fault?

By: Darrell Castle Workers’ compensation benefits do not depend on who caused the injury.  If you negligently allowed an injury to happen, that is usually not grounds to deny your application. Read More

Can I File Bankruptcy for a Deceased Spouse’s Debts?

By: Darrell Castle If your spouse left you with debt you can’t pay, the way out of that situation will vary depending on your situation. First of all, you can’t file bankruptcy on behalf of someone else; but you can consider bankruptcy for yourself if you are unable to pay debts left behind by your…

Can I File Bankruptcy for a Spouse or Family Member Who Has Died?

FAQ: Can I file bankruptcy for a spouse or family member who has died? ANSWER: While you can’t file bankruptcy for another person, you do have options if a deceased loved one has left behind a lot of debt. Read More

Can I Choose What Debts to Include In My Bankruptcy?

When you file bankruptcy, you have to list all of your debts. It’s actually against the law not to mention all of your assets and debts in your bankruptcy petition. Read More

Can I Buy a Car After Bankruptcy? | Memphis Bankruptcy Blog

By: Darrell Castle Coming out of bankruptcy provides a fresh start for you and your finances. However, the fear of additional debt may leave a load of uncertainty on how you make major purchases following a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Read More

Can I Be Fired for Reporting an On-the-Job Injury?

Question: Can my employer fire me for reporting an on-the-job injury or filing a workers’ compensation claim? Answer: The short answer is absolutely not! Read More

Can Hearing Loss Qualify Me for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Do you need an attorney for a social security disability case? Watch this video find out why you do need an attorney, and then read on to learn how hearing loss can qualify you for social security disability. Read More

Can Hackers Cause Car Accidents?

By: Darrell Castle “This is what everyone who thinks about car security has worried about for 6 years. This is a reality.” That’s what Charlie Miller — a security expert — said after him and fellow hacker Chris Valasek experimented with a Jeep Cherokee. Read More

Can I Get Social Security Disability Insurance for (Blank)?

People ask if they can receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for a number of unique situations they may be going through.  Can they receive it?  Well, it depends. Read More

Can Gambling Debt Be Discharged in a Bankruptcy?

Gambling debt is completely dischargeable in a bankruptcy. This includes your casino marker, or line of credit, which many people tend to think is not dischargeable. Read More