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Workers’ Compensation & Stopping the Medicals

By: Darrell Castle Video Transcript Hello this is Darrell Castle and I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and on this video today I want to talk to you about workers’ compensation. What happens when you’re injured on the job and you receive workers’ compensation benefits? A lump sum settlement…

Workers’ Comp & Independent Contractors in TN

Independent contractors aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers don’t need to provide workers’ comp for contractors; and they don’t have to list those contractors as regular employees when reporting their staff numbers for workers’ comp purposes. Read More

My Workers’ Comp Doctor Doesn’t Agree With the Independent Doctor…Why?

Workers’ comp doctors vs regular doctors By: Darrell Castle When you’re injured on the job in Tennessee, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will provide you with three options of doctors to be evaluated and treated by. The doctor you choose will evaluate your injury to determine your disability rating, which will in turn determine the…

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Allergies at Work?

Allergies and worker’s compensation  By: Darrell Castle Allergic reactions happen all the time in the American workplace, and can be extremely serious depending on the person. Read More

Workers Comp and Electrocution

Who is responsible for an electrocution injury at work? If you’re injured on the job, typically you can get workers’ comp to help cover your medical expenses. This is true even if the injury was just an accident. Many electrocution injuries are exactly that. Read More

Workers’ Comp 101 – Third Party Involvement

In Chapter 2 of our Workers’ Comp 101 series, I talk about injuries with a third party involved and what this means for you. How are these cases handled?

Workers’ Comp 101 – An Overview of Workers’ Compensation

I am excited to begin this new video series on workers’ compensation.  There is so much information to be covered that it couldn’t be shared in only one video.  Here is chapter 1, an overview on workers’ compensation and a segue into the rest of the series and what will be discussed.  Chapter 2 will be…

Workers’ Comp 101 – Do You Need a Lawyer?

In the final video of this series, I answer the question of whether you need a lawyer or not in your workers’ compensation claim. As with most lawyer questions, it depends. But the simple answer is, why would you not want legal advice? Read More

Workers’ Comp 101 – Disability

In Chapter 3 of our Workers’ Comp 101 series, I cover disability as it relates to employment. I describe what it can mean if you’re injured on the job and you get a disability rating. Read More

How Much Work is Involved in a Zofran Lawsuit?

By: Darrell Castle You won’t have to do much work in your Zofran case — your lawyer will. Video Transcript Hi I’m Darrell Castle and I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee, and if you’re involved in a Zofran case, you’ve heard me talking about that on these videos for…