The unemployment rate in Tennessee has increased every month in 2013. In May, the rate increased to 8.3% from 8% in April. (That’s higher than the national average of 7.6%).

Perhaps you’ve been struggling for a while because of unemployment. Perhaps it’s even led you to consider bankruptcy.

If you’re considering bankruptcy after a time of unemployment, there are a few things you should look for in an attorney:

1)  Find a lawyer who won’t judge you or your situation.

This process is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed while you go through it. You need someone who has a reputation for being kind and compassionate, even and especially with clients who have been through unemployment.

Please consider scheduling a consultation with our team of bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN families trust today, so that we can help to ensure that your options are as informed as possible.

2)  Make sure your payment includes all the services you might need.

A lot of times lawyers will compete to sell you the “cheapest bankruptcy;” but that can be very dangerous if you’re unemployed. If your situation ever changes – like if you get a job – you may need to alert the courts or revise your case.

A lot of these law firms will charge you for all that additional work! And at that point you’re stuck. So make sure in advance that your attorney won’t hide fees or charge you more down the road than you expect.

3)  Choose a lawyer with resources to help you long-term.

What happens to your credit score after bankruptcy? Will you be able to rent or buy a house? Get a car if you need one?

Our Memphis bankruptcy firm offers a free report about life after bankruptcy to help answer your questions. But it gets even better: we also offer a FREE credit program that will help you rebuild your credit score to an A rating in as little as one year, even after your bankruptcy.

Darrell Castle & Associates offers all of these services. We have a reputation for being caring and compassionate, and we help clients with bankruptcy and unemployment all the time.

Come in for a free appointment and see for yourself!

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