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bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TNIf you’re overwhelmed with debt, choose an experienced bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN has trusted for decades. Darrell Castle and Associates is one of the top bankruptcy firms in the Mid-South. We serve residents all over the area who face repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, and more.

There’s no reason to spend the rest of your life struggling with bills you can’t pay. The decision to file bankruptcy may seem impossibly hard, but the process is actually very easy. When you come to see us for a free consultation, you’ll get honest answers and a friendly, supportive staff. So you don’t need to worry or spend sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do.

Whether you’re considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13, you need a bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN trusts, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Darrell Castle & Associates.

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, Darrell Castle & Associates is ready to help. You may already be familiar with bankruptcy, or you may be relatively new to bankruptcy. In either case, it is important to fully understand bankruptcy: While it’s an enticing chance to get out from under debt, there are pros and cons to any plan. If you’re in a difficult financial situation, you may be contemplating filing bankruptcy, but how do you know which option is right for you, and what’s the catch?

Declaring bankruptcy might bring you immediate relief from your crushing debt, but there’s much more to consider before jumping blindly into it. You may be desperate for relief from your financial obligations, but you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth the sacrifice. You may have to liquidate some (or all) of your assets, effectively bringing yourself back to square one. This means that while you may have a clean slate, you’ll have to build back everything you once had – and with severely damaged credit, too. This means it can be challenging for you to start again, as you may find it extra difficult to get a loan, employment, or even housing.

Getting Familiar with Bankruptcy:

When it comes to personal bankruptcy, there are two options that are available: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. You might have heard of these terms before (most notably Chapter 11 if you read the news), but what is the difference, and which is right for you?

Help with Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy gets rid of your debt at once. A great option for dealing with medical bills, credit card debt, and wage garnishment, it has the power of federal law behind it. Once you file Chapter 7, creditors have to leave you alone and all wage garnishments stop instantly.

Need to file Chapter 7? We offer a payment plan that allows you to file immediately with no money down. That means you don’t have to wait. You can stop wage garnishment now and keep your paycheck.

Help with Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Facing foreclosure or repossession? Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your assets and get out of debt over time.

With Chapter 13, we help you set up a payment plan so you can keep your home or car and pay off your other debt at a price you can afford. We look at your unique situation and work with you to make the process go smoothly according to your priorities.

If you’re unsure whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you, don’t worry. We can help you look at both options when you come in for a free consultation. To get started, we look at how you qualify and in what way each option will affect your finances. Then we give you all of that information and advise you on how to move forward.

Some types of bankruptcy only apply to certain businesses. For example, Chapter 12 bankruptcy is for family fisheries or farms, and Chapter 11 is for corporate restructuring. In the case of personal bankruptcy, your typical options are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 – so work with your Memphis, TN bankruptcy lawyer to determine which plan seems best for your situation.

Client Satisfaction at Our Bankruptcy Firm

As the bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN has chosen for over 30 years, our attorneys provide award-winning service at a reasonable price. We’ve helped thousands of people in your situation get back on their feet. It’s a privilege to help Memphis get out of debt and start fresh.

We offer our clients exceptional resources, including:

  • a credit program that helps you rebuild your credit to a 720–or A rating–in one year (even after a bankruptcy!)
  • payment plans
  • information about life after bankruptcy
  • quality client support
  • community partnerships,
  • and a listening ear
  • That’s probably why we’ve been awarded multiple times for client satisfaction. We take our work very seriously, and you see it in the results and in how well we treat our clients!

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We’ll look over your options and help you make the right choice for you and your situation. If you have questions or concerns, we can walk you through the answers. And we’ll treat you with respect and honesty every step of the way.

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Bankruptcy’s Many Benefits

advantages of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy allows people to get relief from debts they can’t pay back. Whether you have medical bills, credit card debt, or need to keep your house or car, this powerful law offers a variety of options to help.

Many people try other solutions before bankruptcy. But debt settlement programs can fall apart because they aren’t legally binding. And other options like refinancing, if you can get it, may not solve the whole problem.

Unlike private debt consolidation firms, bankruptcy comes with the force of federal law. So the creditors have to abide by it, whether they like it or not.

It stops foreclosure and repossession, puts an immediate end to wage garnishment, and can wipe the slate clean on medical bills and credit card debt. It removes creditors from your life, so they have to stop contacting you. And it offers peace of mind after months and years of frustration.

The Advantages of Bankruptcy for You Personally

Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys have seen thousands of people helped through bankruptcy. Since each situation is unique, here are a few examples of the ways we’ve seen bankruptcy change people’s lives:

  • A child able to stay in her school district because bankruptcy stopped foreclosure:
    • If you’re facing serious financial difficulties, you may even be in danger of being evicted. This could mean uprooting your entire family, and it can take a serious toll on the development and education of your children.
  • Couples able to rebuild their marriages after financial strain caused distance and pain:
    • Dealing with serious financial difficulties can also mean fracturing your marriage. You and your spouse may be forced to move in with family, or even live apart from each other while you sort your money situation out. This can be incredibly stressful for the two of you.
  • Cancer survivors able to focus on rebuilding their lives instead of mountains of medical bills:
    • Medical bills are a nightmare, and paying off these bills is a major distraction from what you should be really focusing on: recovery, healing, and moving on with your life after your illness.
  • And parents able to provide for their family after stopping repossession on the car they use for work:
    • Transportation is key to providing for yourself and your loved ones. If your vehicle is in danger of being repossessed, it’s important to do everything you can to prevent it so you can go to work and continue to earn money for your family. Fortunately, a bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis, TN, can help.

So while you may feel like bankruptcy is a last resort, it can actually be the very best option.

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Although financial struggles can cause significant amounts of confusion and stress, the right Memphis, TN bankruptcy lawyer might be able to help. They might suggest that you consider filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. While the legal system allows citizens to file for bankruptcy on their own, it is not recommended unless you have some legal knowledge. A better option might be to retain one of the chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys from Darrell Castle & Associates.

A Legal Choice You Can Depend On

Our team of bankruptcy attorneys know how difficult it can be to experience debt and the problems of dealing with creditors, especially with no way to pay off the bills with interest. With many years of experience,, our goal is practice excellence. You can rest assured knowing that:

  • We are available. A bankruptcy lawyer serving Memphis, TN from Darrell Castle & Associates will be ready to make time whenever you might need it most. We will answer your questions, address your concerns, and let you know what is going on. We pride ourselves on having live call answering 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We offer a diverse range of experience. A Memphis, TN bankruptcy lawyer from our firm is well versed in financial-related legal work, including in debt relief, bankruptcy, and business law. Not only are we ready to resolve your debt, we may be able to help you

If you would like to learn more, please call us today.

Qualifying for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Memphis, Tennessee

To be eligible for chapter 7, you must fulfill specific requirements as laid out by the state of Tennessee. In many states, passing a means test will be the first step. This test evaluates your total net income over the last six months. If the test indicates you have little to no disposable income, you might qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. This can only be done every eight years, so it is important you evaluate your options with an attorney before going through the process.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

By working with Memphis, TN bankruptcy lawyer you can trust, you can save time and money. It will take a law firm between three and four months to discharge your petition of bankruptcy. Before an attorney files for you, you might be required to participate in debt counseling. This is very simple, and can ultimately allow you to have an understanding of what to expect after you file. A bankruptcy lawyer from Memphis, TN can explain this process to you during a confidential consultation.

If you’re thinking about bankruptcy, let us answer your questions and help you get started. Contact us online today or call! The conversation is totally free.

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