Accidents between two vehicles usually result from one vehicle ignoring traffic signals, losing control of the vehicle due to speeding, or being distracted. When large commercial trucks are added into the mix, there are many more, different scenarios that could happen in an accident. Listed here are three common accidents involving cars and commercial trucks.

1. Blind Spots and Car Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in 2015 that over 3,850 people died in crashes with a large truck. About 69 percent of fatalities were the driver or passengers of the smaller vehicle involved. Blind spots are one of the top causes of car and truck accidents. Trucks have three blind spots: one in the rear, one in the immediate front of the truck, and on the right hand side of the vehicle. Not many people are aware of these spots and if a smaller car stays in one of these positions for too long, an accident may occur.

2. Long Distances Lead to Tired Truckers

It seems like truck driving is a relaxed job compared to other common professions. However, people aren’t usually aware that truck drivers must drive for long periods of time with few breaks in order to reach their destination at the deadline. This means there is a great chance of being affected by fatigue which could lead to an accident. Unfortunately this is one of the more common reasons for car accidents involving trucks. If you see a truck driver that seems fatigued, you can do a few things to alert them:

  1. Use your horn.
  2. Signal to the driver to pull over.
  3. Get out of there quickly to avoid an accident
  4. Report the vehicle to 911 and provide a location and description of the truck and its driver.

3. Hazardous Lane Changes

If you are not paying close attention when changing lanes, it could cause a major accident. Large commercial trucks have matching blind spots on either side and behind the vehicle, and a car who switches lanes too quickly risks being unseen by the trucker. It also takes more time for a truck to slow down compared to a car, so you should make sure to signal and be cautious when driving around a truck.  

If you have had an accident involving a truck, contact a trucking accident lawyer such as the truck accident lawyer locals trust to determine if you should move forward with a claim or lawsuit against the driver and their employer.