3M Earplugs Lawyer Tennessee Trusts Says Veterans Should Have Free Legal Consultation

I am both a veteran and a defective 3M earplugs lawyer Tennessee trusts. As a former service member, I know that each and every person in our military relies on their standard-issue equipment to perform well and keep them safe. No soldier expects that anyone from our side would intentionally injure us.

But recently reports have surfaced that someone from our side did just that. A company called 3M has been named in an official complaint filed by the U.S. government as knowingly injuring our service men and women.

Injuring Soldiers to Make a Profit

3M is a company based in Minnesota that exclusively supplied the U.S. military with earplugs for over a decade. In fact, they sold over two million pairs of Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2 between 2003 and 2015. The U.S. government relied on these earplugs to protect our soldiers in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. But they absolutely did not. On the contrary, the earplugs failed to protect the hearing of our soldiers over and over again.

According to the complaint, 3M allegedly knew their earplugs would fail before they finalized their contract with our military. But instead of disclosing this information, 3M stayed quiet and profited for over a decade while thousands of U.S. soldiers lost or damaged their hearing.

The Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime

In a settlement out of court, 3M agreed to pay $9.1 million to settle the allegations against them. But this is far less than the profit 3M made by selling the defective earplugs. In essence, this settlement fine is a mere slap on the wrist for 3M, while our injured veterans do not get a dime.

This is why my law firm, Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC, is fighting for veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus caused by defective 3M earplugs.

I Am Offering a Free Legal Consultation to Veterans With Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

I am offering a free legal consultation to any veteran who meets the following criteria:

  • You served in the military between 2003 and 2015 and used 3M Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2.
  • You later suffered hearing damage, hearing loss, or tinnitus.

As a 3M earplugs lawyer Tennessee has counted on for over thirty years, I know how to help.  If you want results, call us at (901) 327-1212 or contact us online right now. The call is absolutely free, and you are under no obligation to pay unless we win your case. It would be my honor to speak with you.