Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it is on a highway or a country road, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident and sustaining injuries. It is essential that motorcycle riders are prepared for the worst whenever they commute and carry a few important items that may come in handy after an accident. Here are 4 important items every motorcyclist should carry that may prove to be of great help in the event of an accident.

1.    An Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit in your bike’s saddlebag can be very helpful in situations where you are involved in an accident, especially in a remote location where it can take a few hours for the authorities to reach you. Even if you are not seriously injured, there is a good chance your bike will have sustained damage. It is a good idea to have cones or flares that you can put on the road to warn oncoming drivers of the situation ahead. Make sure your emergency kit has basic medical supplies, such as peroxide or gauze to clean wounds or stop bleeding until you get to the hospital. Moreover, you may also want to keep some snacks and water bottle to stay hydrated and retain your energy to survive.

2.    An Old or Spare Camera (or a Device with a camera)

Motorcycle accidents generally cause a lot of property damage and severe bodily injuries. Since the rider is thrown off the bike, there is a good chance that a mobile phone may sustain some damage. Video or pictures of the accident scene are an important piece of evidence to help you prove a personal injury claim. It is a good idea to keep an old or spare camera or any device that has a camera, like an iPhone, to collect digital proof of the accident. Make sure to secure it in a bubble wrap or towel, and keep it in your saddlebag so that you can use it at the time of need.

3.    Identification Bracelets

It is required by the law that every citizen keeps a personal ID with them at all times. Since it is easy to lose your wallet or identification or medical information cards in an accident, motorcyclists can wear an identification bracelet that has all the necessary information. These bracelets can be used to inform EMTs and paramedics about your emergency contacts and medical information, enabling them to take necessary measures to stabilize your condition before you reach the hospital.

4.    Keep a Small Booklet of Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Most vehicle drivers are unaware of the rights and responsibilities of motorcyclists sharing the road. If you are involved in a minor accident, it is likely that the vehicle driver may start accusing you of driving badly and may try to put blame on you. But when you have the fine print of the motorcycle traffic laws of your state, it can turn the tables in your favor. Make sure to have the printout laminated and keep it in your saddlebag so that you have it whenever you hit the road.

It is always better to be prepared for unpredictable, yet possible situations. If you carry these 4 items with you, it can make a world of difference in an accident case. If you’ve been involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.