Estate Planning Lawyer

If you or a loved one needs assistance with an estate plan, reach out to an estate planning lawyer clients trust to ensure their future is planned for. 

There seems to be quite a bit of ambiguity surrounding estate plans. The following are 4 common myths regarding estate planning and attorneys specializing in estate planning law.

  1. Estate plans are easy to make and can be done by yourself without the legal help of an attorney. Although some try to accomplish their estate plan by themselves, the assumption that planning an estate is an easy endeavor is false. Many components make up an estate plan including medical directives, a living will, a plan for children, as well as, retirement and bank account information. By trying to create an estate plan by yourself, you could easily miss one of these important components, or not properly account for all the assets the estate owns. Failure to validate your estate plan with an attorney may lead to a contested will, discord among family members, and a lack of medical planning and attention for the estate owner.
  2. Estate plans do not need to adhere to state and tax laws and considerations. This myth is false. Each state has its protocols regarding tax and state implications regarding estate plans. An experienced lawyer at Kaplan Law Practice, LLC will understand these laws, and verify your estate plan is following the law according to the state and taxes. Without the careful eye of an attorney, an estate plan could be contested if it does not meet the proper state and tax guidelines.
  3. Estate plans have no medical importance to them. This myth has potentially dangerous implications. Medical directives are an important aspect of a person’s estate plan, allowing them to decide what type of care they desire, and when. These can be hard and difficult decisions to make, as the estate owner should feel confident in their wishes for end-of-life care. Without a plan for medical care, family members may have to make those tough decisions on behalf of the estate owner. This may lead to obvious tension and discord among the family members. By deciding ahead of time, and documenting your medical directives within an estate plan, you provide peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones, knowing full well what your medical preferences are.
  4. Estate plans can be done at any time and should be delayed until the end of life. Estate planning attorneys will highly advise against this statement, urging their clients to begin their estate plan as soon as possible. The future is out of our control and waiting to create an estate plan could prove disastrous for you, and your loved ones. Without an estate plan, your assets could be distributed by the state, and your loved ones may not be given what you wanted them to have. If you have young children, it would be wise to state a plan for your children within your estate plan as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it is too late, call an estate planning lawyer from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC today!