More jobs is a good thing

By: Darrell Castle

Happy Friday, everyone. I’d like to transition us into an enjoyable weekend by touching on the good news reported yesterday by the Commercial Appeal in which they detailed metro Memphis adding 9,000 jobs in July.

Employers reported 607,300 full-time and part-time payroll jobs in Memphis last month. That was the highest July total in Memphis since 2005.

This is positive news, but we’re not there yet. The local economy needs to be keep building on this – yes, the unemployment rate has dipped to 8.9 percent, but that’s still high.

As a bankruptcy attorney who’s practiced law in Memphis for over 30 years, I’ve seen how people can be affected by unemployment. We’ve built a solid reputation as a bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN clients recommend. I’ve seen how living a life determined by your wages can drastically change for the worse whenever those wages are suddenly taken away.

If you’re unemployed, don’t give up, but keep looking. Keep pushing. Be on watch for the next store opening, the next job fair or the next company moving to Memphis – it’s happening.

In the mean time, I know it can be a struggle to pay your bills on time without the wages you once knew. If you’re having a difficult time and you’re falling into debt, speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney about your situation. Filing for bankruptcy could be an option and could bring you that fresh start you’re longing for. We have plenty of information and resources on our website to help you.

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