What a Memphis Motorcycle Accident Case Can Tell Us About the Road

As a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer, I have a special fear for bikers on the road. I know what they’re up against in this world of distracted drivers. Sometimes I’ll see a car swerve through every lane on I-240, and it makes me think of cases I’ve had over the years and the incredible motorcyclists who trusted me to get them justice.

I want to tell you about one case in particular as a way to help you stay safe on the road. No one should have to go through what my client did.

Hidden Without Realizing It

It was a beautiful, sunny day when Rick hit the road on his Harley Davidson. Like so many bikers, he just went out to enjoy the weather and the wind in his face. He practiced textbook motorcycle safety: he wore his helmet and used caution when changing lanes.

Eventually he hit bad traffic on the bridge coming into the city. He was in the outside lane, closest to the curb and a large median which separated him from the water below.

The car in front of him slowed down. As much as Rick might have been tempted to snake around it and work his way through the traffic, he didn’t. He followed the rules and waited in the same traffic as everyone else. Behind him, a tractor-trailer slowed down as well and waited behind him.

Then, from three lanes over, a car slid recklessly across every lane towards him. The 18-wheeler blocked the motorcycle from view, and the car came straight at him.

In that split-second, Rick had only two options. It was either swerve or be hit by the car, and he had to choose: collide with the moving car or a concrete wall? He chose the wall.

Protecting Himself in a Motorcycle Accident

As you might expect, Rick sustained serious injuries. He suffered from broken bones and needed surgery. However, he was very fortunately protected in some of the most important ways: his helmet and his attorney.

It’s likely his helmet saved his life. He followed the law by wearing it and using a headlight as required.

Then, after being stabilized at the hospital, he did what anyone should do in his situation and called an attorney.

Rick came to me in part because he’d heard I was a Marine just like he was. I was happy to help. Our team got the policy limits from the car that was responsible. The settlement successfully covered all of his medical costs, the cost of a new motorcycle, and a large fund to help ease his significant pain and suffering.

Keeping Our Motorcyclists Safe

Driving a motorcycle comes with so many freedoms and risks.

Car drivers are legally required to protect motorcyclists with special caution. That includes never swerving through traffic and understanding how easy it can be to miss a motorcycle, especially amongst big trucks.

However, ten minutes on the highway will tell you that’s simply not how Memphians drive. It’s incredibly frustrating to witness and can have devastating consequences.

With that in mind, anyone driving a motorcycle in Memphis should already have an attorney they trust before anything goes wrong on the road.

If you have a Memphis motorcycle accident case, you need an attorney to help you every step of the way. We have the experience to get you the justice you need and deserve.

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