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The dangers of drunk driving

Did you know one-third of all roadway deaths are due to drunk driving?

Overall, traffic fatalities have been decreasing to record lows, with cars becoming more and more safe through the years. However, those fatality numbers could continue to decrease if drivers start practicing accountability.

In 2011, drunk driving was linked to 9,878 of the year’s 32,367 fatalities. In 2012, it was linked in 10,322 out of 33,561.

The data shows the horror and tragedy of drunk driving’s effect on children:

  • 20% of children 15 years old and younger who died in auto accidents are killed by drunk drivers.
  • Of those children, 65% were riding in the vehicle WITH THE IMPAIRED DRIVER.
  • 61% of those youth 15 years old and younger weren’t restrained by seat belts or child safety seats at the time of the accident.
  • A third of the drunk drivers involved in the accidents that killed a child didn’t have a valid driver’s license

Poor decisions and a lack of accountability cost people—especially our young people.

Fighting drunk driving is a tough task that requires a lot of work: outreach, education, penalties and enforcement of penalties. However, the accountability factor may be the toughest task.

Bartenders need to be more wary of their customers and cut them off when drunk. Friends need to take the keys away from their drunk friends. And people need to hold themselves accountable and make better decisions by using carshare services if they’ve been drinking.

With the most minimal effort, you can help not only yourself stay safe, but you can keep other innocent people out of harm’s way, too.


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