Actos is a popular diabetes medication that’s been linked to bladder cancer.

The FDA has published warning about it, saying that the drug especially increases bladder cancer risks for people who’ve taken it over a year. Bladder cancer survival rates differ according to when it is found and diagnosed. Treatment may include surgery or chemotherapy. It’s also a type of cancer that can recur years down the road and may require a lifetime of tests to make sure it doesn’t come back.

A lot of people on Actos aren’t aware of the risks involved, and some people may even have bladder cancer without realizing the drug caused it. Now they’re stuck with a lifetime of medical bills because of another drug’s dangers.

Some of the many patients whose lives have been wrecked by Actos have filed lawsuits. Now these cases are about to go to trial.

If you or someone you love has suffered from bladder cancer after taking Actos, you should talk with an attorney ASAP, because you may be entitled to compensation. With cases about to go to trial, time is running short.

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