Your airbag deployed in a car accident.  Whew!  You’re safe.

Or are you?

According to a Medscape report, a new review warns cardiologist and other health professionals that hidden injures can result from airbag deployment in automobiles.

Airbags are used for saving lives and reducing injuries but they can also cause cardiac and pulmonary injuries, and even death.

“Cardiac injuries can happen due to airbag deployment even with no visible injury at the time of presentation to the hospital, and this may include serious cardiac injuries,” said lead review author Dr. Rami Khouzam of University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.

The main types of cardiovascular injuries following airbag deployment are:


    • aortic transection
    • tricuspid-valve injury
    • right atrial rupture
    • cardiac contusion
    • MI
    • aortic-valve avulsion
    • cardiac tamponade
    • hemopericardium


This is why seeking medical advice after a car accident is very important.  Even if you don’t notice any physical injuries after an accident, you never know what complications may be lying in wait.

Not only should you seek medical help after a car accident, but if you were injured, you should alway seek legal advice as well.  Even if you suffer delayed pain days or weeks after an accident, you may still be entitled to compensation.

The Medscape report also offers some important tips:

    • sitting closer than 10 inches to where an airbag would deploy can cause greater injury
    • airbags should be switched off if a young child or short person is in the passenger’s seat

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