By: Darrell Castle

For much of this past decade, Takata — one of the largest suppliers of vehicle airbags — denied its product was defective.

Motorists died and automakers everywhere recalled millions of cars equipped with Takata airbags. But Takata stood its ground, claiming nothing was wrong with its product.

As claims of shrapnel dangerously flying out of its exploding airbags continued to surface, Takata stood strong. Company officials said there’s nothing wrong with their airbags.

Then this week, Takata recalled nearly 34 million vehicles, claiming its airbags ARE defective. This recall is the largest automotive recall in American history.

Six deaths and over 100 injuries have been linked to this flaw.

What You Should Know About the Takata Recall

Do you drive a Honda? Those are the cars most likely equipped with the recalled airbags. But 10 other automakers use them as well.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is currently working on a list of affected vehicles. They have a site dedicated to the Takata recall. This site will allow you to enter your vehicle’s VIN number to see if it’s affected.

In the meantime — before that list is finished — see if your car is on this list.

If Your Car Has Recalled Airbags, What Should You Do?

If your car is affected, contact your dealership ASAP to get the airbag replaced. And if you bought the car used and don’t know who the dealer is, take it to a dealer who handles your car brand. They should know what to do.

Keep this in mind though — this is the LARGEST recall in American automotive history. 34 million vehicles are being recalled. There aren’t 34 million airbags ready to replace all of the defective ones. So, you may have to wait a while to get yours replaced.

DO NOT DISABLE YOUR AIRBAG IN THE MEANTIME. Experts say it’s a bad idea.

What should you do if you’re injured?

If a faulty airbag — or any other defective car part — causes your injury in a car accident, contact a personal injury attorney immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from time off work and more.

This is of course after you receive medical attention for your injury.

What other car parts can cause you injury?

Many different car parts can be defective and injure you. Tires are one. And so are seat belts.