By: Darrell Castle

The value of your personal injury case really depends on one thing.

What’s the extent of the damages suffered?

So really, the more the injury affected you, the more money you could be entitled to.

Personal injury cases are designed to help you – the injured person. The person or company that’s found legally responsible for your injuries should be held accountable. But how’s the amount they must pay you determined?

How much medical treatment was needed? You’ll be compensated for those medical bills. High medical bills are an indication or a serious injury and are therefore a fair measurement of damages.

How much time did you have to take off work? You may be compensated for those lost wages.

Was there any property damage? This point becomes very relevant in a car accident. You may be entitled to reimbursements for repairs, or a new car if your original car was totaled.

What kind of pain and suffering did you experience? You may be entitled to compensation for that as well.

Those are all questions that will need to be answered when considering the value of your personal injury case — how much compensation you’re entitled to in other words.

For some personal injury cases – like medical malpractice and dangerous drug lawsuits – you may even be entitled to punitive damages. These are damages in which the defendant – either the doctor or drug manufacturer in most cases – acted with unreasonable carelessness and negligence.

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