Disability LawyerA critical lifeline for injured or ill workers, Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) are as important as ever during these unprecedented and uncertain times. As an experienced Memphis SSDI application attorney, my goal is to ensure that anyone who qualifies receives the benefits they are entitled to.

The often intimidating application process is complex. It can feel overwhelming. Many people qualify—more specifically, anyone who is medically unable to work and has a substantial enough employment history to get necessary credits. However, far fewer applicants get their application accepted. Establishing a medical condition is a critical first step, without which it’s impossible to move forward with your application.

Your condition must meet the Social Security Administration’s established criteria.

In order to receive benefits, you must prove your disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses what’s called the Blue Book, an impairment listing manual. The Blue Book lists a number of physical and mental conditions that will automatically qualify you for benefits.

Many are chronic and permanent, such as:

  • Cancer
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Kidney failure
  • And more

A diagnosis of a condition in the Blue Book doesn’t automatically guarantee approval.

For several severe conditions, including ALS, organ transplants, and serious cancers, a diagnosis results in automatic approval. However, for other conditions, you have to prove that your condition meets specific criteria. For that reason, a first step should be getting a diagnosis from your doctor. After that, you’ll need clinical tests. It’s best if they’re already in your records at the time you start your application, so don’t delay.

You can have a successful application even if your condition isn’t listed in the Blue Book.

Despite the complexities of the application process, you don’t have to have a condition listed in the Blue Book to get your application accepted. You simply have to prove two key things:

  1. Your condition is medically determinable.
  2. It prevents you from doing your job.

As with a condition listed in the Blue Book, doctor’s testimony is key. Without it, you will not be successful. You need the following:

  • Doctor’s testimony
  • Complete medical records
  • A thorough work history

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