The following drugs and medical devices were recalled in April, either voluntarily by the manufacturer or forcibly by the FDA.

Cyanocobalamin Injection:

Used to treat B12 deficiency, this recall by manufacturer American Regent only applies to Lot # 1662, Lot # 1679, and Lot # 1683.

Epinephrine Injection

Used for a variety of purposes, this drug is also made by American Regent; recalled because of discoloration and small visible particles found. Regards only Lot #1395.

Morphine Sulfate Injection:

Recalled because of reports that the pre-filled syringe holds more than a safely prescribed amount. As an opioid pain medication, morphine can be fatal if overdosed.


Intended as a dietary supplement to support male sexual performance, X-ROCK for men has been recalled for containing undeclared active ingredients that may interact adversely with some prescription drugs.


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