The following drugs and medical devices were recalled in August 2012, either voluntarily by the manufacturer or forcibly by the FDA:

Reumofan Plus Tablets

Samantha Lynn Inc. is voluntary recalling these pills, which treat muscle pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, bone cancer and other conditions. Ingredients found in this product could cause life-threatening hypersensitivity reactions and depression.

Hydromorphone Injection

An opioid pain medication, Hydromorphone can be life-threatening if overdosed. Hospira, Inc. is recalling certain injections for containing more than the labeled volume.

Propofol Injectable Emulsion

Used primarily for the induction or maintenance of anesthesia in surgical patients or to initiate sleep in intensive care units. Hospira, Inc. is recalling the product due to particles being found in the glass that could dislodge and enter the injection. If that were to happen, resulting injuries could include stroke, respiratory failure, and loss of kidney and liver function.

Grounding Pads and Cool-tip™ RFA Electrode Kits

Used in certain surgeries, these products have been recalled by Covidien because of a potential degradation of foil that has already resulted in serious burn injuries for patients at the site of where the pad is placed.

Shiley™ Adult Tracheostomy Tubes

Recalled due to potential leakage. As some of these tubes may already be placed in tracheostomy patients, the recall recommends replacing the product as soon as the health provider deems appropriate.

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