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How to avoid the dangers of Poplar Ave in the mornings

By: Darrell Castle

Morning commutes on Poplar Ave during the weekdays can be complete chaos. With a mix of businesses and residential areas sitting on the street, cars are coming and going and the constant construction can really cause a mess.

If you watch News Channel 5 in the mornings, the traffic reports are filled with the latest accident, and it’s a safe bet, especially if it’s raining, that an accident has found it’s way onto Poplar Ave.

So, as a commuter from my house in Germantown to my office in the heart of East Memphis, to not only make your drive to work relatively safer, but also decrease your drive time (on most days), I encourage you to choose an alternate route.

Two streets that run almost entirely parallel to Poplar Ave, from the suburbs to East Memphis, are Walnut Grove and Park Ave. Depending on which side of Poplar you’re coming from, choosing one of these streets can almost entirely ensure less traffic, and in turn, a better chance to get to work without being involved in a car accident.

Morning rush hour traffic can be very stressful. People are running late for work and driving edgy to make up time. People grow impatient and develop road rage. And some people flat out just can’t drive. All of these scenarios pose risks for other drivers.

So, if you’re like me and want a more relaxing drive to work in the morning, avoid Poplar Ave as much as you can and give Walnut Grove or Park Ave a shot. If you don’t like it, go back to the Poplar chaos.

Whichever way you choose, I encourage you to keep our Car Accident Checklist in your car, just in case, so you’ll be prepared at the scene of an accident. You never know when one may strike! You can download and print it from our website.

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