Tomorrow, little superheroes, Disney princesses, and movie characters will run around the neighborhood in search of a sugar rush. Trick-or-treating on Halloween is one of those magical childhood moments. It’s also an activity I can’t help but view from a safety standpoint, as a Memphis personal injury lawyer. Increased foot traffic and the nighttime nature of Halloween festivities bring increased risks for slip and trips, broken bones — even car accidents. Thankfully, with a bit of extra planning, you can keep your children safe on the big night.

The importance of adult supervision and safety in numbers

Younger children should always be supervised by an adult while trick-or-treating. Kids old enough to venture out on their own should still travel with others. There is safety in numbers, and groups are much more visible while crossing poorly lit streets.

Unfortunately, life is filled with horrors more terrifying than monsters on movie screens. Talk to your child about safety regarding strangers. Make sure they also know to avoid dark shortcuts through alleys or parks.

Ensure costumes are visible

I encourage parents to add reflective tape — available at Home Depot and other hardware stores — or headlamps to their children’s costumes and jackets, to warn people of their presence. Increased visibility goes a long way in reducing pedestrian accidents and slip and trips. It never hurts to carry a flashlight, and children wearing masks should make sure they can properly see while wearing one.

–Other costume considerations:
–Wear comfortable shoes
–Avoid vision-impairing costumes

Take extra precautions while driving

As drivers, we have an obligation to keep the kids in our neighborhoods safe. Halloween is one of those times when it’s best to avoid driving if at all possible. But if you are driving tomorrow, be prepared to share the road with more pedestrians than usual.

–Speeding is a leading cause in many accidents. Drive slowly, especially on residential streets filled with young trick-or-treaters.
–Pay extra attention at crosswalks. Don’t assume that masked trick-or-treaters will have their eyes on you instead of the candy in their baskets.
–Be extra careful when backing out of driveways or parking.
–Above all, avoid common distractions like taking a phone call or changing the radio station. If there’s one night to avoid texting while driving, this is it! (Not that it’s ever advisable, of course…)

One last piece of Halloween advice? It never hurts to pace oneself when eating all those sweet treats.

I’m a Memphis personal injury lawyer you can count on.

I hope these tips help your family enjoy a safe Halloween. But if your trick-or-treater is injured, I am here for you. Our lawyers are known for our compassion — and our results — and we will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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