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If you were injured in a car accident, an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts from Darrell Castlauto accident lawyer Memphis TNe and Associates, PLLC may be able to help. We have handled auto accident cases for 30 years and know what is necessary to build a successful case. You do not have to go through this on your own.

First Steps to Take After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and scared. However, it is still important to hold your composure and take the necessary steps to improve your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries and ensure the responsible parties are held accountable.

    • Call the Police: If anyone was injured in a car accident, the police have to come to the scene to investigate and make a report. A Memphis auto accident lawyer from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC usually advises clients to get a copy of this report. It will likely include important details that may help your case, such as who was at fault for the accident and how the accident occurred.
    • Take Photos: Photos of the accident scene are great for evidence, as an auto accident lawyer Memphis TN respects can attest. These photos can help prove what caused the accident and the damages that resulted from the collision. Remember to take clear photos of your injuries, damage to your vehicle, and anything pertinent at the accident scene. If you are physically unable to take these photos on your own, ask a family member or a friend to do it for you as soon as possible.
    • Make notes: Making notes about the accident, including what you were doing before the accident, where you were going to in your car and why, if anyone was with you, and the exact sequence of events of the accident, and what happened immediately after the accident, as best as you can recall them, will help you to remember things accurately for a long time.   After a traumatic accident, it’s normal for the details of the incident to become fuzzy with time, so you can help your case in the long term by recording events accurately and with specificity. These kinds of details can be especially helpful if you are subject to a deposition by opposing counsel. If you can, please also consider taking notes about any injuries or pain you are experiencing, and when you began to experience it, even days after the accident.  This will be beneficial in helping you communicate with doctors and other medical providers about your long term health care needs.
    • Talk to Witnesses: If there are witnesses present at the accident scene, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Ask them for their names and contact information. Write down this information, if you are able, and store this information in a safe place.These witnesses may be able to testify on your behalf in court and tell their side of the story.
    • Keep a folder:  You may feel overwhelmed with papers, especially early in the process, when you are taking notes, photos, and receiving medical care.  Consider keeping all these documents in one place, like a folder, and please err on the side of keeping documents, not throwing them away.  You never know what will be useful down the road.
    • Seek Medical Care: It is important to seek medical care as soon as possible, even if your injuries seem minor. Also, if you don’t get medical attention right away, insurance adjusters may not believe you are truly injured and try to deny your claim, as an auto accident lawyer Memphis TN relies on, Darrell Castle and Associates, can confirm. In addition, your medical exam and the doctor’s conclusions can aid your case.
  • Hire a Lawyer: If you want to receive fair compensation for your injuries, it may be in your best interest to hire an auto accident lawyer Memphis TN counts on. He or she can help you bring a lawsuit against the driver who hit you and ensure your rights are protected.

What Any Driver Needs to Know About Car Accident Liability

If you have been in a car accident, it’s key to determine who is at fault. Determining liability as soon as possible after the accident is incredibly important simply to make sure the right party is held accountable for their actions; whether it is for insurance or legal reasons. Keeping records, like the photos, notes, reports, medical documents, and other documentation described above, will help you get started on strong footing.  

However, even with the best documentation, it can be a bit tricky to determine exactly who is responsible at the time of the car accident. Since fault can be the most important factor in a legal dispute, you should be sure to consult an auto accident lawyer you can trust in Memphis, TN.

Determining Liability: Why It Matters

When a person is determined to be at fault in a car accident, they will be expected to pay for any resulting damages. However, if you are in a multi-car accident, it is possible for many parties to be held responsible. When this happens, the next step would be to contact an auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, to figure out the level of fault for each person and consequently, determining how much they need to pay for the damage they specifically caused.

How Do You Determine Fault?

The easiest method to determining fault is by showing evidence. Clear and convincing evidence is the best way to prove to a judge that the other party needs to be held responsible, so do your best to gather as much evidence as you physically can while you are at the scene of the accident. This can be anything from pictures, a police report, or eye-witness testimonies.

If you are looking for an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, contact Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC at 901-327-2100.  Someone will be standing by, ready to fight for you!

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