It wouldn’t be winter in Memphis without a bit of ice on our streets and sidewalks. As a Memphis car accident lawyer, who has served this city for more than 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand the correlation between winter weather and accidents. This time of year is more dangerous.

The best way to avoid an accident during ice storm is to avoid driving at all, of course. But sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Not when you have to get the kids to school and drive to work yourself. Given that driving under less-than-ideal conditions is a reality for most of us, I wanted to share some tips, based on my decades of experience. These can help you prepare your car before hitting the road and stay safe while you’re out there.

First, prepare for the worst.

  • Get your car ice- and snow-free. Clear snow and ice from your car’s windows, roof, and hood. Additionally, you’ll want to clear your windshield of snow and ice using an ice scraper so that you can see all that lies on the road ahead.
  • Make sure your defrosters are in good condition. That means both the windshield and rear defrosters.
  • Do everything you can to keep your windshield clear. Clean the outside and inside of your windshield on a regular basis, and keep your wiper blades fresh. Changing them every six months is a good rule of thumb.

Reduce the risk of an accident while you’re behind the wheel.

  • Wait until the snow plows and sanding trucks have done their jobs. Never head out before it’s safe to do so. After all, nothing is more important than your safety.
  • Reduce your speed. On the iciest roads, did you know you can wipe out even at 10 mph? Use extreme caution, no matter if it feels like you’re hardly moving.
  • Give yourself extra room to stop. You’ll want to allow more space than usual between you and the driver ahead of you — at least three times more.
  • Avoid braking if possible — do it gently if you have to. Hitting the brakes on ice can cause you to lose control of the car. Drive slowly, first and foremost, so you don’t have to rely on your brakes as much. When you have to, go as gently as possible to avoid skidding.

Accidents happen. Here’s what to do after an ice-related crash.

As you may already know, after an accident it’s important to get the other driver’s insurance information, to take photos, and to gather any additional information. Of course, accidents are incredibly frightening and shocking, so it’s common to be distracted and forget what to do. That’s why we created this handy checklist to keep on hand.

But there are also some things to remember specifically for an accident related to ice.

  • Call the police for help with moving your car.
  • If you are unable to physically move your car out of the way, stand to the side so that you won’t get hurt or block other drivers.

Get help from an experienced Memphis car accident lawyer.

If you’re the victim in a car accident, you deserve compensation to get back on your feet. But accidents are always more complicated than they initially seem, and you have the aggressive insurance companies to deal with. Ice-related accidents, where skidding and slipping makes it difficult to determine fault, are especially complicated.

With our lawyers, you have a true advocate on your side. We are experienced in car accident cases, and we don’t collect a single penny unless you do. Contact us online today or call 901-327-1212 to speak in person with the Memphis car accident lawyer Tennessee trusts with their cases.