Winter will soon come to an end here in Memphis, or at least you would hope. While waiting on the warmer weather to roll into the Mid-South, go ahead and start practicing.

“Practicing what?,” you may ask.

Practicing your ability of consistently staying alert for bikers.

Warmer weather in Memphis means more bicycle riders whether it be people riding on the Greenline for exercise, riders taking their bikes to work or children out playing in the neighborhood.

Biking has become a popular hobby in Memphis’ recent years due to Mayor AC Wharton’s push for more bike lanes. This lead to Memphis receiving Bicycling Magazine’s recognition as “America’s Most Improved Bike City” in 2011.

Riding your bicycle offers numerous benefits, like exercise and an eco-friendly means of transportation. Bikers in Memphis have an increased number of bike lanes to utilize, however they’re not on every street in the city, or even close.  It’s important to keep in mind that bikers have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as an automobile driver does.

Memphis is a city with a stereotype of bad drivers. Instead of letting that stereotype determine how we act, let’s watch out for each other on the roads. This responsibility is reciprocal as bike riders need to practice their own degree of safety and follow the rules of the road themselves.

I found a story online from Bakersfield, California in which an 11-year old boy was riding his bike as he was stuck by a car – killing him. This story led me to write this blog post.

I don’t want to see stories like this in Memphis, or anywhere else for that matter. So, start practicing now.

Sure, there are some bikers out and about in this cold whether, but volume is sure to increase as the temperature does. Get in the habit of driving carefully and staying alert so that bikers feel safe riding in Memphis.

If you’re a biker, make sure you know the proper rules and rights of the road so you can better protect yourself and motorists.

Let’s be a team this year in 2014 and share the roads.

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