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“Hello! I’m Darrell Castle, folks. You probably know about the opioid crisis, or the opioid epidemic, that’s what it’s usually called. Some people are saying now that it’s the worst crisis in the history of America. Well, it’s also right here in Tennessee, folks. It’s a crisis right here in Tennessee. Thousands and thousands of people addicted to prescription opioids. Opioids that you’ve all heard about. And these are prescribed to people legally by their doctors. They were sold to doctors about twenty years ago, and ongoing now, as valid nonaddictive things, so right now, thousands of people are addicted.

“But did you know there’s a class of people who are addicted to opioids that are completely innocent, have absolutely nothing to do with their addiction? Those are people are children. That’s right, children, whose mothers take opioids, they take these things, while they’re pregnant. They passed it on to their babies. It travels from mother to baby, and they have a baby that is very, very sick when that child is born, often spending the first few days of its life in extreme agony trying to withdraw from these opioids, suffering lifetime disabilities, and things like that. Those are the cases that we’re looking at right now, folks. There are thousands of of them in Tennessee, we believe. We’re outraged about what’s happening to these children, we’re very upset about it, and we want to do something about it. You call me, folks, and I’ll talk to you about it for free.”