memphis medical malpractice attorneys | personal injury lawyers Did you know OB/GYN is the one of the most sued medical specialties?

By: Darrell Castle

OB/GYN, or obstretics and gynecology, specialists are one of the most, if not the most, sued medical specialists. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to get doctors to go into that area. We encourage you to present your medical malpractice case to hospital injury lawyers Memphis, TN families place their confidence in for an evaluation.

From finding out you’re pregnant, to announcing it to all of your loved ones and friends, to baby showers, to painting your baby’s room and building his or her crib, to finding out whether it’s a boy or girl, to giving birth and then to holding the newborn in your arms for the first time, child birth is a beautiful thing. But, from the time the child is conceived until the time it’s born, there are so many crucial factors that could result in a healthy baby or a disabled one.

This whole subject is a sensitive one. Doctors who go into the OB/GYN field typically have a great passion for what they do and know they’re going into a profession that carries a lot of risk. However, when an operation or pregnancy is botched due to negligence of the medical professional, resulting in a disabled newborn, something has to be done.

Parents who think their newborn has fallen victim to medical malpractice should speak to an attorney; these cases can get very complicated. However, if there was malpractice involved, the family deserves the proper compensation it’d take to care for their child as it grows as he or she’s going to have special needs to be met.

This is where an expert economist usually comes into play – to help determine the compensation based on the family’s needs.

To repeat, if you think your newborn has been a victim of medical malpractice, you need to speak to an experienced attorney. You also need an experienced attorney you can trust. Again, this is a very sensitive and complex matter, so you need an attorney who’ll be transparent and answer questions.

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