Enfamil and Similac Linked to NEC

The popular baby formulas Enfamil and Similac have been connected to NEC—an extremely dangerous disease affecting premature babies. Our baby formula injury lawyers in Memphis are accepting these cases right now.

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What Is NEC?

Necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC, is a common and extremely dangerous digestive disease affecting premature babies. It starts by injuring or inflaming the tissue in the intestines. This damage can lead to a hole in the intestinal wall and even death.

There aren’t many treatments for NEC. First, doctors will usually stop feeding the baby normally and put them on an IV. Time on an IV in the ICU may affect the baby’s development and interfere with parental bonding time. And to make matters worse, most working families receive astronomical medical bills.

Unfortunately, many babies also require surgery. NEC surgery tries to remove dead or dying tissue and aid with digestion.

If surgery doesn’t work, the baby doesn’t survive.

NEC is a lethal and terrifying illness that devastates families. Over 20% of infants who battle it die from their condition.


How Are These Cases Connected to Enfamil and Similac?

When a mother cannot breastfeed for whatever reason, parents often turn to the popular formulas Enfamil and/or Similac. Made from cow’s milk and treated for infants, these are two of the most successful baby formulas in the world.

While many children have thrived on baby formula, premature babies are especially vulnerable to anything out of the ordinary, including their food.

Premature babies (born at 37 weeks or earlier) who receive formula have a much higher risk of NEC. After feeding these formulas, they show immediate signs of distress. This usually occurs around 3-6 weeks after birth and feels extremely sudden.

Medical experts nationwide agree these baby formulas lead to much higher rates of NEC in premature babies. In fact, we’ve known about this for over a decade. Doctors noticed a problem with formula-fed premature babies years ago. Many doctors will specifically recommend parents feed premature babies donated breast milk from a milk bank instead of formula if possible, because of the high risk of NEC.

A 2011 Johns Hopkins study showed the connection between NEC and formula, and other studies since then have confirmed their findings. These studies show:

  • 5-12% of very low-birthweight infants will suffer from NEC
  • 20-40% will require surgery
  • nearly 25% will die

And yet—incredibly—Enfamil and Similac have refused to add a warning label even to this day.

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darrell_castleAs a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, I’ve successfully handled a lot of horrible liability cases: dangerous kidney treatments, pesticides, opioids, and more. Every case is heartbreaking, but the cases against Enfamil and Similac are especially enraging.

If you have a child born premature who was fed Enfamil or Similac and developed NEC, you may have a case against these harmful companies. We would love to speak with you.

That’s any child who:

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  • Received Enfamil or Similac
  • Developed NEC

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