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We’re well underway with our Enfamil and Similac work here at Darrell Castle and Associates. And we wanted to give you an update on these baby formula lawsuit cases and answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received.

What Is the Baby Formula Lawsuit?

Baby formulas Enfamil and Similac have helped countless families feed their new babies successfully. However, they don’t appear to be safe for premature babies.

Major scientific studies have connected the baby formulas to a debilitating illness called necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC. This dangerous digestive disease forces premature infants to need surgery, causes long-term health complications, and even leads to death. Terrifying data shows:

  • 5-12% of very low-birthweight infants will get NEC
  • 20-40% of those infants will need surgery
  • nearly 25% of premature infants with NEC will die

The companies behind Enfamil and Similac have refused to add a warning label, even with all the evidence pointing to their products’ danger. As a result, affected families have pursued legal action against the manufacturers.

Is This Related to the Baby Formula Shortage?

Actually, no. A manufacturing issue unrelated to this case required Abbott Nutrition, a major baby formula company, to recall their formulas in February 2022. They then had to fix the problem that led to the recall and replace formula on the shelves.

That would take time in a normal year, but with supply chains impacted by Covid and the war in Ukraine, the process took a longer time than expected.

While the infant formula shortage may be easy enough to explain, it’s not at all acceptable. Formula is critical for infants all over the world who struggle for a variety of reasons to get the nutrients they need.

Our case is specific to premature infants, for whom these formulas appear to be categorically unsafe.

Who Are You Claiming Is At Fault?

These cases are between the manufacturers of Enfamil and Similac and the families impacted by their dangerous products — families whose children suffered from NEC, and in some cases, even died.

Often, the health care provider overseeing these premature babies’ care had no idea the formulas were dangerous. Parents most certainly didn’t know. But the manufacturers appear to have been aware of the science for a long time and haven’t done anything about it.

We want to hold them accountable.

Are You Still Taking Baby Formula Lawsuit Cases?

Yes we are absolutely still taking cases. If your child:

  • Was born prematurely
  • Received Enfamil or Similac, and
  • Developed NEC

We would love to speak with you and get justice for your family.

While we can’t possibly give you back what you’ve lost, we can help our clients recover their medical costs, ease their financial woes, and to make sure it doesn’t happen to another family ever again.

If you’ve been affected by infant formula and NEC, contact us today for a free consultation. We don’t get paid anything unless we win, and we’re wholly committed to doing so.

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