Bankruptcy Help for Millington

I am proud to serve as a bankruptcy lawyer for the people of Millington, TN. In fact, Millington was my first home in the Memphis area.

Since then, I’ve helped Millington residents:

  • Stop foreclosure
  • Prevent car repossession
  • End lawsuits against them
  • Stop wage garnishment, and
  • Rebuild their lives

It’s an honor I take seriously, because I want Millington to thrive, and that includes giving folks a fresh start when they need it most.

If you’re a Millington resident and you’re overwhelmed with debt, contact me today. Our bankruptcy lawyers are here to help.

How I Got Started in Millington

When I first arrived in the area, Millington was an inland naval base – one of few in the world. The Navy trained personnel there and had quite a few naval aircraft.

There was also a small detachment of Marines who trained in Millington, and that’s how I ended up there. I was sent there for a few months while awaiting discharge.

The Marines had told me I could go anywhere in the States, and I listed off a couple of exotic places. They asked me, “Have you ever thought about Millington?” And the truth is I hadn’t, but it was in my home state and I was happy to go there.

Millington at the time was a happening place, built up to serve people in the military, including a large group of married officers. It had a nice hospital that’s still there and a golf course that, once I became a lawyer, I would play at all the time. The Navy was there long-term, and so the town also had everything ordinary families would need.

Since this was the end of my 4 years in the Marines, I chose to live off base as a chance to transition back into the world. I got an apartment and commuted every day. It was an exciting time as I prepared to end my service, and I really enjoyed living there.

After I was discharged, I went back home to East TN. Soon after, I decided to come back to Memphis for law school, in part because of how much I liked my time in Millington and the Memphis area in general.

Since then, a lot has changed. There are still some base operations in Millington, but it was transitioned out of service during the Clinton administration. The base is smaller and different now than it was. It’s a quieter town than it was when I lived there – a more rural community, with churches, service groups, and a sense of fellowship.

I’m very grateful to the Marines for sending me to Millington, because it set me on the path of the rest of my life. My time in Millington convinced me to move to Memphis, where I met my wife, started a business, had a child, and spent my adulthood. I wouldn’t want it any other way, and I’m happy to help the residents of Millington any way I can.

Contact a Millington Bankruptcy Lawyer

For many people, work has gone dry in Millington over the years. We’ve helped a lot of Millington residents and Tipton County just north of there to file for bankruptcy and get out of debt. It’s a privilege.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, give me a call at 901-327-2100 or contact me online. The conversation is free.

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