Being bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN trusts, we’ve practiced in and around Somerville for 37 years, and we know its struggles and triumphs and how much Somerville depends on its farming. When the farming economy is good, the Somerville economy is good. And when farms suffer, Somerville suffers.

Unfortunately, that means income is never really certain. Farming comes with a lot of unexpected costs and risks, and regular life brings twists too. Even when the economy is doing OK, one medical problem or job loss can mean financial devastation.

For a lot of people in Somerville, that can cause an everyday sense of dread:

  • Will you have enough money this week to cover basic expenses?
  • Should you dig into savings again?
  • Will you always have to worry so much?

A lot of the Somerville folks who come to see me have experienced this economic uncertainty, and as a result they depend on credit, even when they can’t afford to pay it back. They feel they don’t have another option, and in many cases perhaps they don’t.

If you’re in Somerville and struggling with bills you can’t pay, we can help. Contact me online or call 901-327-2100 today. The conversation is free, no strings attached.

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