By: Darrell Castle

When you’re struggling with debt you can’t pay, you may want to do the “quick fix” to make ends meet for the short-term. That could mean borrowing money from a friend or family member. It could mean taking out a payday loan (please don’t do this). Or it could mean neglecting other bills (or this).

But when you make these quick fixes for the short-term without addressing the root financial problems putting you in this situation, you’re just going to end up back in this situation within weeks or months.

What bankruptcy can do for you

Bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN residents trust can help you make that long-term fix you need. By filing for bankruptcy, instead of pushing your problem — which is uncontrollable debt — to the side, you’re erasing it. It no longer exists. That uncontrollable debt no longer exists.

You can do this through Chapter 7, which is a straight discharge of your debt. Or you can do it through Chapter 13, which is a debt repayment plan in which you make small affordable payments for a 3-5 year period. Each chapter comes with its own qualifications that your bankruptcy attorney will help you with.

And then once your bankruptcy is complete, you’ll have a clean slate. You’ll have a fresh start. And that’s what you want for long-term success. You now have the ability to rebuild your finances the RIGHT way.

Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys can help you

If you’re considering bankruptcy, our team would love to help you. Here, you’ll get an easy experience with a nice and friendly staff. We’re detailed and informative, which is important for getting the best results.

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