As a Memphis bankruptcy attorney, Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It’s a season for new beginnings and fresh starts. Especially after the past year we’ve all had, many people are using this time to spring clean; to clear out clutter, take inventory, and simplify their life for easier days ahead.

Spring is also a great time to clear up your finances. Expenses and bills pile up just the same as household clutter, and what better way to get a fresh start than wiping your debt away.

Bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you deserve.

The idea of a new beginning is built right into the bankruptcy code. There are exemptions to protect your property and income, and other features to make sure bankruptcy helps you get back on your feet. Below is some of the financial clutter bankruptcy can help you clear out.

Medical bills

Just one major illness without insurance can lead to medical bills that are impossible for most people to ever pay off. If you are weighed down by old medical bills from a serious illness or period without insurance coverage, bankruptcy is a great way to discharge the debt.

Credit cards

Credit card debt piles up faster than any other type of debt. If you can only afford minimum payments, it is likely you are not reducing the balance of your debts at all. This not only clutters up your credit report, it weighs down your credit score. Bankruptcy is a way to tackle both of these problems so you can start rebuilding your finances stronger than ever.


If a utility company is threatening you with a shut-off notice, now is the perfect time to file for bankruptcy. As long as you file before the shut-off, service can be secured and maintained.

Deficiencies on your mortgage

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments due to temporary unemployment or disability, bankruptcy can help. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the terms are flexible. A plan can almost always be made to accommodate your debt. Filing immediately can also stop any foreclosure actions.

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