If you’ve considered alternatives to bankruptcy, you may be confused about the credit counseling option.

Credit counseling can be a great resource. The right non-profit organization can offer you invaluable help in managing your budget, setting realistic spending goals, and paying off debts responsibly.

Unfortunately, though, most people don’t get credit counseling early enough to help when they need it.

Instead, they go to credit counseling with already massive debts while hoping to protect their assets, too.

The problem is, without legal protection there’s never any guarantee that your debt can be taken care of. When you go into credit counseling with grave financial problems, you create a repayment plan; but that plan gives no assurances that harassing phone calls will stop, or that creditors will even work with you to help you pay off the debt. Your assets will still be unprotected and your wages can still be garnished.

If you can pay off your debt on your own, do; but be wary of promises that can’t be kept. Only an attorney can help put a legal end to creditor harassment and other consequences of falling behind on your payments.

If you have tried credit counseling and it failed, or if you worry about the safety of your assets, you should talk with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. We can help you end harassing phone calls, stop wage garnishments, and protect your house from foreclosure. We’ve built a solid reputation as a bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN clients recommend.

And if you have concerns about how bankruptcy might affect your credit or other personal issues, we can talk about that with you, too. We even offer an awesome program to help you improve your credit to an A rating, even after a bankruptcy! The program is absolutely free to our clients, so there’s no reason to wait.

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