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Rick Ankiel was a pitcher who couldn’t throw strikes. You may remember him playing for the Memphis Redbirds a decade ago. He wanted to be a major league pitcher but couldn’t overcome injuries and wild pitches. He found a second chance though.

When Ankiel realized that his current situation wasn’t working, he decided he needed a fresh start. So he worked on his outfield and batting skills. He reinvented himself as a player to become a major leaguer. And he found success in 2007.

You may have made a financial mistake or two and now you’re paying the consequences. You’re living a life of debt and struggling to make ends meet each week. As the calendar turns, the debt gets deeper and the stress gets worse. You can have a fresh start like Ankiel.

How? You can contact a bankruptcy attorney about your situation. And you don’t even need athletic skills to do so!

Getting Out of Debt Through Bankruptcy

By filing for bankruptcy with bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN places its confidence in, you can discharge all of your dischargeable debt (which a bankruptcy attorney can help you with) through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Or you can lump your debt into a Chapter 13 repayment plan and make small AFFORDABLE payments for 3-5 years.

Each chapter comes with its own benefits and qualifications and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you determine which one is right for you and your situation.

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For decades, the attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates have helped people in the Mid-South get out of debt and onto a better life. We’re detailed, informative and really care about you and your financial situation. And our past clients will tell you that.

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