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Bedbugs in a Memphis Hotel

By: Darrell Castle

A little girl was bitten by bed bugs in the Motel 6 on Austin Peay highway in Memphis, causing her to itch all over the next day. When the girl returned home from school that following afternoon, she was covered in a bad rash.

“Her face, her legs, her arms, so I took her to Methodist North hospital, and they confirmed that it was bed bug bites all over her body,” Telika Howard, the girl’s mother said.

The motel guests were staying in the Motel 6 as they were waiting to move into their new house and only spent one night in that room. It’s safe to say they probably won’t be giving good reviews online, for both the room experience and customer service.

After showing paperwork to the clerk, showing the hospital confirmed her daughter suffered from bed bug bites, Howard says they were moved to a different room, but the manager wasn’t very nice.

“He said we could’ve brought it in, you know, but then I turned around and saw that they threw the mattresses in the dumpster and it wasn’t just our mattress but many mattresses,” said Howard.

In fact, according to the Shelby County Health Department, this motel previously had two bed bug complaints.

According to an Action News 5 report, environmentalists didn’t find much bed bug activity during an April 14th inspection. but they noticed all of the rooms in the April 17th complaint were listed as “ineligible to be rented out” because they were in their first round of pesticide treatment.

“That upsets me because you’re paying your money to stay there. They’re giving a service, and then they don’t want to do anything about it,” said Howard.

Based on this report, it seems like there is obvious negligence on behalf of the motel, and failure to take responsibility as the motel manager allegedly told the guests they may have brought the bed bugs with them.

I would urge these guests, or any other guests bitten by bed bugs, to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney knowledgable in premises liability as they may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering and more.

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