Birth Injury vs. Birth Defect

As a Memphis birth injury lawyer, I’ve noticed a lot of people get confused between birth injury and birth defect. Both can be devastating for families. They may result in the same symptoms and require similar treatments. But they differ on a legal level.

Birth defects occur as an accident of nature. They form in the womb during the pregnancy. They can be genetic or not, and behavior like smoking, drug use, and alcohol consumption can make them more likely. Doctors may test for birth defects throughout the pregnancy, and they may even be able to treat some problems when they arise.

A birth injury occurs because of someone else’s mistake or neglect. It’s rarely criminal, although that’s possible. But usually these injuries happen because of mistakes made in the delivery room or by doctors along the way.

Birth injuries can include:

  • cerebral palsy due to deprivation of oxygen
  • other types of palsy
  • spinal injury
  • skull fracture
  • and more

These injuries can last a lifetime and lead to medical bills and other costs that never seem to end.

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